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Why Do Motorcycles Low-Side in NY? What to Do After a Crash

There are several ways that riders can fall off their bikes in an accident. A low-side crash is one of the most frequent collisions when turning a corner.

This article will explore this type of crash and the legal considerations for riders in New York.

What is a Low-Side Crash?

What Is a Low-Side Crash?

In a low-side crash, the bike will land on the same side as the direction of the turn.

This causes less damage than a high-side crash since the latter can propel the rider forward into the air.

The probability of crashing low-side can be reduced by slowing down before a curve. Doing this eliminates the need to use brakes inside the turn.

Injury Risks with a Low-Side Crash

Injuries from low-side crashes are often not severe.

Most scratches and bruises from sliding the bike can be prevented with the appropriate protective clothing during the crash.

Riders who decide not to wear full-face helmets risk major facial injuries in low-side collisions that cause them to fall sideways to the pavement.

What Are Common Causes of Low-Side Motorcycle Crashes?

Although there are many causes of low-side motorcycle accidents, the following are some of the more frequent ones:

High Speeds & Hard Brakes:

A low-side motorcycle crash can happen when riders brake too hard heading into a bend. This is common when they are at high speeds and try to reduce acceleration quickly.

Worn-Out Tires:

Accidents with worn-out tires are dangerous. Typically, these tires won't be able to grip the surface, which causes them to slide out from beneath the rider in a bend.

Poor Road Conditions:

Roads with ice, oil, or gravel can be dangerous for cyclists. When riders tilt their bikes while rounding a corner, they may lose grip, and their tires may slide out from beneath them.

Steps After a Low-Side Motorcycle Accident

The Steps to Take After a Low-Side Motorcycle Accident

What one does after a low-side accident can safeguard their safety and legal rights. Also, learn when the safest time of day is to ride a motorcycle in NY.

Below are a few steps accident victims can take:

Contact the Authorities Immediately

Call the police and emergency authorities immediately after a motorcycle accident. It is the quickest way to get an official accident report.

The police conduct a preliminary investigation on their arrival and document their findings in a police report. This report might give the individual and their attorney valuable information if they decide to file a lawsuit after the accident.

Get Medical Attention

Even if the victim doesn't visit the emergency hospital after a low-side crash, they should still consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Many severe wounds, such as brain or spinal cord trauma, might take time to heal. These can become worse the longer the individual waits before getting treatment.

Additionally, prompt medical attention can benefit their legal case. Seeing a doctor after an accident means they can record injuries sustained in a medical report. This can prove that the victim's injuries are directly related to the motorbike incident. Also, learn what filtering means on motorbikes in NY.

The report can help dismiss an attempt by the party at fault or their insurance company to downplay the severity of an injury or its cause.

Collect Evidence After the Motorcycle Crash

After the crash, a victim should gather as much information about the event as possible, including their injuries.

They should include photos, videos, visible injuries, motorcycle damages, skid marks, hazardous conditions, and any other evidence that helps explain what happened.

It is best to acquire the name and contact information of any witness on site. These people can provide additional crash-related details and testify in court to support a victim's case.

The victim should not be bothered if their injuries prevent them from collecting this proof and testimony. Once they hire a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney in Long Island NY, the professional will get this on their behalf.

Contact an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Seeking justice and financial compensation for losses and injuries after another person's negligence causes a low-side motorbike accident is necessary.

Considering all a victim goes through after an accident, they shouldn't be burdened with gathering evidence and preparing legal arguments to support a case. An experienced lawyer can handle all this on their behalf.

Call the Law Office of Carl Maltese at (631) 857-3703 to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys. We have handled motorcycle accident cases in New York for years.


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