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What Does Filtering Mean on Motorbikes in NY? Talk to a Motorcycle Attorney

To filter on a bike involves crossing lanes to pass slow-moving vehicles or stationary traffic. Only Utah and California have explicit laws that make this practice legal as long as it is done responsibly. However, riders in New York will be the at-fault party if this maneuver leads to a collision.

Why do Riders Filter?

Why Do Riders Filter?

Filtering goes by several names, such as lane splitting and white line. Several people ride motorcycles due to the option to filter or lane split when they are in a hurry.

Lane-Filtering Is Illegal, but You May Still Get Compensation

Few experiences compare to riding a motorcycle on a wide-open road. However, risky activity or breaking the law increases the likelihood of a significant collision, which can be disastrous for both motorcyclists and motorists. Lane filtering and splitting are prohibited in New York but not because of this.

There is a lot of disagreement about the benefits of lane filtering among drivers and motorbike enthusiasts. Passing a car on a motorcycle in the same lane or between lanes is risky (especially if the motorcycle low sides), and currently not legal in the state.

What Are the Consequences of Lane-Filtering?

In New York, a rider can be pulled over and given a traffic ticket for lane filtering. Repeating this may have severe repercussions, such as license suspension.

Lane-filtering motorcycle riders are likely to get knocked down by a car merging or changing lanes since New York drivers don't expect motorcycles to navigate in-between traffic.

New York Motorcycle Laws Riders Need to Know

Lane filtering and splitting are expressly forbidden by New York law, specifically VAT 1252. This law prohibits motorcycles from operating within designated traffic lanes or in-between adjacent rows of automobile traffic.

Motorcyclists Often Face Claims of Liability for Motorcycle Accidents

As a "no-fault" insurance state, New York allows policyholders to collect insurance benefits regardless of who caused an accident.

Motorcyclists frequently bear disproportionate responsibility for accidents. However, in some circumstances, riders and other accident victims may be entitled to pursue financial compensation from a driver who caused the collision.

Motorcycle riders may be entitled to pursue compensation for their injuries from their insurance companies even if they were lane filtering at the time of the collision.

They must give their attorney all the accident-related paperwork and other supporting documents that make them eligible for compensation.

What to do if you Were in a Lane-Filtering Crash

What to Do If You Were in a Lane-Filtering Motorcycle Crash

A motorbike accident can be devastating, especially for riders. After a crash, the individual should follow these crucial actions if they plan on seeking compensation for painful injuries and other losses:

Get Medical Attention for Injuries

The accident victim should seek emergency care immediately after the accident. It's also important to know when to remove a helmet in an accident. Not all injuries are visible and can worsen if not checked out by a health professional.

They should listen to doctors to take specific medications or go to physical therapy. This is important for their well-being and can demonstrate how severe the injuries sustained are in the context of a personal injury claim.

Gather and Keep Evidence from the Accident Site

An accident victim should take pictures and videos of the crash site, including any other evidence that will be necessary when filing a claim. They must also obtain the names and phone numbers of witnesses to the accident.

Ask a Law Firm for a Free Case Evaluation

Experienced motorcycle attorneys can help accident victims understand the facts of their cases and decide whether hiring motorcycle accident attorneys in Long Island NY is necessary.

They can also help the individual to file claims for compensation for their injuries and other losses.

A lawyer can help gather the necessary evidence and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of an accident victim.

The Law Office of Carl Maltese Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident

People involved in motorcycle accidents in New York should contact The Law Office of Carl Maltese to speak to any of our experienced attorneys.

They are ready to assist riders in lane-filtering accidents to get compensation for their injuries and other losses.

We will handle every phase of a motorcycle accident case and help victims understand whether they have grounds for a claim or lawsuit.

Call us at (631) 857-3703 to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible.


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