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How Common Are Trucking Accidents in New York?

When it comes to trucking accidents, many happen in New York, but that is why people should be aware of what is going on around them. Trucks can cause serious fatalities, which will change a person’s life if they end up in an accident. However, many people may not know how common these accidents are.

People who want to learn about how common trucking accidents are should continue reading this post.

How Common Are They?

Everyone notices when they are driving next to tractor-trailers, big rigs, semi-trucks, and more. Even though the presence of these trucks may be scary, they only take up 4% of the vehicles on the highway. However, that does not mean they are any less dangerous.

People are more likely to be killed when a truck is in an accident. Right now, 13% of traffic fatalities all involve a truck. It is important to know what day of the week has the most traffic in NY. Also, if the truck was in an accident with a car, then it is likely that the other person is injured instead of the truck driver.

Another interesting fact is that these accidents are more likely to cause higher rates of serious injuries. Commercial trucks are heavier than normal trucks, they will have more ground clearance, and it needs almost 40% more road to stop properly when there is a passenger car around. That is why if a truck were to be in an accident with a car, then anyone in the car would be more likely to be hurt.

Lastly, New York is among the top 10 states for fatal trucking accidents. This is not good because it shows that truck accidents are more common than in other cities across the county. People should continue to look after themselves when on the road.

Common Types of Truck Accidents in New York

Common Types of Truck Accidents in New York

It has been established that truck accidents are common in New York, but what kinds of accidents are the most common? Below is a complete list of some of New York truck accidents' most common truck accidents:

Blown Out Tires

Trucks can have their tires blow out, but when this happens, it will cause the truck to swerve into another lane. This is usually caused by wear and tear of the tire, defective manufacturing, or lack of routine maintenance. Drivers and companies should always ensure that the tires of a truck are perfect for the road ahead.

Underride Truck Accidents

People may think that following too closely behind a truck isn’t that dangerous, but if it needs to stop suddenly, they will be in for a rude awakening. An underride accident is when a passenger car slides underneath a truck from either the rear or the side. This can happen when the driver is tailgating a truck.

Everyone should remember to keep a safe distance from any truck on the road because too many other cars can cause it to stop quickly.

Unsecured Loads

Another reason trucking accidents happen in New York is that loads have not been appropriately secured. Many federal regulations are put in place to help with this issue, but there are still cases where the load shifts or slides around while on or in the truck. If the truck is in an accident, the belongings could fall off and slide into oncoming traffic, which will cause more people to get hurt.

Also, if the truck’s center of gravity is thrown off, then this could mean that it will have a harder time moving. Drivers should ensure that their load has been properly secured when they are in the truck so everyone is safe on the road.

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