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How Many Truck Drivers Are Killed Each Year in New York?

It is a hard question to answer when it comes to truck drivers and fatalities in New York. No real answer tells people how many truck drivers have died in New York due to a trucking accident. This may be because the drivers tend to walk away in these situations, and the driver in the passenger vehicle ends up hurt.

To learn about truck drivers and accidents, every person should continue to read this post.

There Are No Statistics

There Are No Statistics

If someone were to look for the actual number of truck driver fatalities due to trucking accidents, they would be disappointed to learn that there are none on the internet. It is challenging to find this information, but people know that truck drivers risk their lives to be in those large vehicles.

Recently, three news reports have discussed different trucking accidents where the driver died.

The New York Restaurant

A truck driver died after his semi-truck went straight through a restaurant in Poughkeepsie, New York. The truck made the entire building, plus the connected apartments, collapse. Later on, it was confirmed that the driver was killed. Authorities needed to work together to try and rescue the driver from the wreckage.

However, it is not known why the accident happened. Sometimes, the cause of these truck accidents is unknown, as well as how common they are.

A Dump Truck Driver

Another accident that happened was a dump truck driver in Ashland, New York. It was reported that the truck crashed into a house at an intersection after he had lost control. Afterward, the house caught fire, and it spread to next door.

It is unknown why the accident happened, but if it were a failure with the truck, then the company and manufacturers would be held accountable for the driver’s death. This information would be gathered by the right truck accident attorneys in Long Island who know how to handle a wrongful death case.

A Visiting Truck Driver

A driver from New Jersey was killed in upstate New York while in his truck. He veered off the highway and struck some trees. The truck then caught fire, which is why the driver was found dead in the truck’s cab.

This is another case where people do not know why it has happened, but a driver is dead. There are many reasons why a truck may end up off the road, but the lawyers will do their best to gather this information, so the family can continue to grieve their way. Many people wonder if cars or trucks are safer because of these accidents.

A Wrongful Death Suit

When a truck driver dies at work, the family may have grounds for a wrongful death case. However, this depends on whether the accident happened because of the truck or something else. If the truck malfunctioned because it was not properly checked, the company and the manufacturer would be held accountable for this mistake.

Even though no money would bring a loved one back, it is one of the few ways lawyers can help people receive the compensation they need. This money can go towards funeral costs and living costs. Also, if the driver were in the hospital, the lawsuit would cover these bills.

Many people who would have lost a loved one will do their best to get justice when they have died because of someone else's negligence.

Call the Law Office of Carl Maltese Today!

Even though there are no official statistics about how many truck drivers die every year because of a trucking accident, it is known that they do. However, these accidents are serious and filled with many complications and third parties. That is why people should hire a team that knows what they are doing every step.

No one wants their case to be jeopardized because the wrong team was hired. The team at Carl Maltese is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced when it comes to trucking accidents. They will always know what to look for and where to go to gather evidence. People who trust this team will not be disappointed in their hard work and determination to help every client.

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