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What Happens If You Get Hit by a Motorcycle in NY? - Find Help from the Law Office of Carl Maltese

Motorcycle accidents can cause victims several injuries and even death. However, that's not the only problem with them.

Recovering from those injuries is highly expensive, and since no one expects to have a motor vehicle accident, it's not something victims have in their financial plan.

Different things happen if someone gets in a motorcycle accident, depending on the state. This blog post will show what happens when a victim gets hit by a motorcycle in New York.

Anyone looking for legal assistance after suffering from a motorcycle accident or car accident can call the Law Office of Carl Maltese to schedule a consultation for their case. Contacting this company will ensure the victim works their case with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer.

How Dangerous Are Motorcycle Accidents?

How Dangerous Are Motorcycle Accidents?

The reason motorcycle accidents are dangerous is the severity of the injuries they leave. It's not the same to get a slight scratch as a permanent disability problem.

Motorcycles often drive faster than cars, so the hit they'll give the victim can be a bit more dangerous than it would be with slower vehicles.

People can even die after being part of a motorcycle accident, especially if they get a traumatic brain injury. Motorcycle riders also get injured after having an accident, unlike what often happens in car crashes.

It's also possible to be in a motorcycle crash that didn't leave any severe injuries, but even then, the victim may not have money to pay for medical expenses. Victims in that case won't have any way to treat their wounds, which can make them worsen over time.

Most Dangerous Motorcycle Accident Injuries

As mentioned before, victims can get several injuries in a motorcycle accident. Naturally, some are more dangerous than others.

These are the most dangerous injuries people can get in a motorcycle accident:

  • Burns

  • Muscle tears

  • Spine injuries

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Leg injuries

  • Arm/shoulder injuries

  • Lacerations

  • Wrongful death

It's worth noting people can get several of those injuries after the crash, which makes them more dangerous.

Spine injuries, for example, can lead to partial or complete disability.

What Can Victims Do to Get Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident?

The best way for victims to get compensation after motorcycle accidents is to file a personal injury claim. In a nutshell, those claims are meant to get the victim compensation for the damages caused by the at-fault party.

That includes economic and non-economic damages. The former includes physical injuries and damage to the victim's properties, while the latter is for things without a physical or tangible form, such as pain or distress.

The first step to opening a motorcycle accident case is to get the other driver's personal information. After that, the victim should call a lawyer and schedule a consultation with them.

Once a personal injury lawyer is on the case and has enough evidence to file a claim, they will file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party who caused the accident. The court will notify that party of the lawsuit.

Victims can get to an agreement with the motorcycle rider or take the case to trial if necessary. New York is a pure comparative fault state, which means injured motorcyclists can also get compensation if the other party shares liability for the accident.

The court will calculate the damage each party shares in the accident to determine how much everyone deserves.

Since New York follows a no-fault system for car accidents, people can only file a lawsuit when they get serious injuries after them. The Law Office of Carl Maltese can advise on no-fault rules for motorcycles.

Drivers need to have a minimum amount of personal injury protection coverage in case an accident happens. In most cases, each party's own insurance company will pay for the expenses they have to cover.

Some people hire a personal injury attorney to help them negotiate with insurance companies in an effort to get more money.

How Can a New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Victims?

The best thing to do after going through a motorcycle accident is to call a lawyer to take care of the case. They will handle all the paperwork needed to file a lawsuit, which can often be complex for the victim.

Apart from that, personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate with the insurance company and negligent drivers, so they will ensure their client gets the compensation they deserve.

That means they also know the main pieces of evidence that work to win a personal injury case. If the case goes to trial, they will also do everything they can to get compensation to cover medical attention and other damages.

How Much Compensation Can Victims Get After a Motorcycle Accident?

How Much Compensation Can Victims Get After a Motorcycle Accident?

Everything depends on how severe motor vehicle accidents are. Naturally, accidents that caused more dangerous injuries may allow victims to ask for more money.

Medical bills are one of the most expensive things to cover after a crash. After that, people count non-economic damages and lost wages.

The average compensation victims get in a motorcycle accident claim is around $70,000. However, the amount can be even higher if the judge deems it necessary.

If the accident victim wants to, their lawyer can also negotiate with the other party to give them the money they need for medical attention and other expenses.

Why Should Motorcycle Accident Victims Hire the Law Office of Carl Maltese?

There are many motorcycle accident lawyers in New York, but the Law Office of Carl Maltese is one of the best options victims can go for.

This company works with qualified lawyers for every case, so victims will always work with an experienced personal injury attorney available to fight for their rights. Consultations are free, so people don't have to pay anything to talk to one of the firm's legal assistants.

Moreover, the firm has a wide array of practice areas, and it only takes visiting its website to see the results it has gotten for other people in the past. Popular enterprises such as Associated Press and Yahoo News support this law firm.

Bottom Line

Motorcycle accidents tend to be something difficult for all the parts involved. Even if it's not because of the injuries, the legal process to file personal injury lawsuits can be stressful. The Law Office of Carl Maltese can also answer questions like, "Should you remove a motorcycle helmet in an accident in NY?"

Besides that, insurance adjusters don't always want to give the victim the compensation they deserve.

Personal injury lawyers are there to make that process simpler for their clients. Financial compensation is the least victims of a car accident can ask for after everything they went through.

The Law Office of Carl Maltese can help anyone who needs its services, so victims of a serious accident shouldn't hesitate to call it.


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