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Brookhaven Dog Bite Lawyer - Get Compensation For a Dog Attack

An attack such as a dog bite is a tricky case for attorneys. A legal battle is the last thing anyone wants after going through such an ordeal. However, if someone's dog is to blame for the attack, the victim should contact a lawyer immediately.

Attorneys at The Law Office of Carl Maltese can help victims get a fair settlement for their injuries.

A dog-bite victim should call our firm to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney. They can help them make an informed decision regarding the Brookhaven animal that attacked them.

Are Dog Bites Common in New York?

Are Dog Bites Common in New York?

Research in 2018 showed that dog bites were the 13th most common reason for non-fatal emergency room cases in the United States.

Out of the 4.5 million people who get bitten by dogs annually, about 19% receive medical attention, with 27,000 requiring extensive reconstructive surgery.

The study showed that most dog bite cases involved owned pets, not stray dogs.

Children are the most affected dog-bite victims. They represent about half of the people who suffer this kind of injury. Dog attacks on children can sometimes be fatal.

Dog bite lawyers seek justice for people who get attacked by dogs to serve as a deterrent to other owners.

Most dog attacks are preventable. Dog owners who want to avoid being held liable in such cases will put in more effort to prevent their pets from injuring other people.

A person attacked should contact our firm as soon as possible to schedule a free consultation with our attorneys.

What To Do After A Dog Bite in Brookhaven, New York

To ensure more responsible dog owners in Brookhaven, victims should pursue a personal injury lawsuit after the incident.

Anyone bitten by a dog should document the injury as much as possible. The person should seek medical care, inform the dog owner, and call a dog bite lawyer as early as possible.

Dog bite lawyers help gather evidence necessary to the case, assess medical records to determine the extent of injuries, and seek reasonable care for the attack victim.

They do not immediately file a lawsuit against dog owners. It is done when they wish to institute punitive damages against an owner that tries to dismiss the claims or an insurance company that proposes unfair compensation.

Victims should contact our firm to schedule a free legal consultation with any of our dog bite lawyers. This is a seasoned Brookhaven personal injury lawyer that understands the effect of dog bite injury and how to hold the dog's owner responsible for their pet's actions.

Proving a Case with a Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bite lawyers don't have to prove a dog owner's carelessness before holding them liable for a victim's medical bills. This is because dogs are defined as dangerous if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Attacked, injured, or killed a human, pet, or farm animal without justification.

  • Behaves in a manner that poses a risk of injury or death.


Apart from medical expenses, dog bite lawyers can only get additional damages for victims by proving a dog owner's carelessness. An owner is deemed negligent if:

  • They did not control the dog well enough to prevent it from biting a person.

  • The dog's owner knew or should have known how dangerous the dog was from history. This includes fights with other dogs or animals, growling or baring teeth, need for a muzzle, or previous complaints.

Call our firm to schedule a free consultation with our outstanding dog bite lawyers. A personal injury lawyer will provide legal help to victims on what to do.

How a Dog Owner Might Defend Their Pet

Plaintiffs for an animal attack should prepare to meet opposition for their claims. An owner will put up a defense with claims of trespassing and provocation.

A victim should therefore get proper legal representation before filing dog-bite claims.

Our law firm offers a free consultation for any person seeking to hold animal owners liable for the actions of their pets.

Statutes for Dog Bite Cases in Brookhaven, New York

Statutes for a dog bite case are not so different from that of a personal injury case. The only significant addition is the rumored rule about dogs having one free bite in New York.

Is There a One Bite Rule?

There is no rule that gives every dog a free bite. The reference to previous bites or attacks is a way to determine whether an owner is liable or not.

If there is evidence, they knew their dog was dangerous but acted carelessly. A dog-bites lawyer can charge them for personal injury to a victim.

The Law Office of Carl Maltese to schedule a free consultation with an outstanding attorney.

A Dog Bite Might Cause Serious Injuries

A dog attack can lead to severe injuries. Some of the common injuries people suffer include:

  • Scratches, cuts, and lacerations

  • Puncture wounds

  • Soft tissue damage

  • Loss of limbs

  • Nerve damage

  • Rabies, tetanus, and other kinds of infection

  • Wrongful death

Schedule a free consultation with a Long Island dog bite attorney from our law firm to discuss the legal issues surrounding a dog bite with an experienced lawyer.

Compensation for A Dog-Bite Victim

Dog-bites lawyers can help personal injury victims get compensation for medical expenses they incur after a dog bite. They can also get owners to pay damages for the following:

  • Permanent damages to their bodies that require continuous care. These cover reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy, etc.

  • Pain, suffering, and trauma might affect the victim's daily life.

  • Lost wages when they have to stay home and recover. If there is permanent damage, this can cover likely wages in the future.

Hire the Right Dog Bite Lawyers in Brookhaven, New York

Hire the Right Dog Bite Lawyers in Brookhaven, New York

The Law Office of Carl Maltese has been serving Brookhaven for years. Our firm has reputable personal injury attorneys in their respective state bar associations.

Apart from legal issues concerning animal attacks, we handle cases in related practice areas such as

Our free consultation helps victims talk to outstanding dog-bite lawyers in New York. We can help anyone attacked by a dog to recover compensation.

Other Brookhaven Practice Areas

Call The Law Office of Carl Maltese in Brookhaven, New York, after a Dog Bite

Dog-bite lawyers at the Law Office of Carl Maltese are well known in Brookhaven, New York, and in its respective state bar association. Schedule a free consultation with our lawyers to find the best path to take when making a claim.


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