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Should Injured Victims of Fall Accidents Hire a Brookhaven Slip and Fall Lawyer?

There are various personal injury cases that an injury victim can probably handle on their own, like a minor car accident where the other driver is clearly at fault. However, a victim may require legal representation for two main reasons when it comes to fall accidents. First, fault in a slip and fall case isn’t always clear, plus the insurance company and property owners are likely to deny a victim’s claim unless the liabilities are obvious.

Secondly, the insurance firm and property owner will easily suggest in their defense that the fall accident wasn’t as severe as the victim is claiming to be and shouldn’t be held liable. Therefore, a Brookhaven slip and fall lawyer is the best bet for injury victims whose key issues of fault and the gravity of injuries are in dispute.

They’ll help a plaintiff attain the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries. Therefore, injured victims of a fall injury in Brookhaven, NY, should contact the Maltese Law Office to schedule a free consultation with a slip and fall accident lawyer. The attorney will provide a free case evaluation, and afterward, the two parties can arrange a fee agreement, usually on a contingency basis, to formally outline the attorney-client relationship.

Common Slip and Fall Accidents in Brookhaven, NY

Common Slip and Fall Accidents in Brookhaven, NY

A slip and fall accident occurs due to a property owner's negligence. It can, therefore, occur in various locations, including:

  • Shopping malls

  • Parking garage

  • Restaurants

  • Government agency offices

  • Hotels

  • Apartment buildings

Personal injuries from such accidents could cause severe and sometimes permanent injuries to a victim. If a property owner failed to remedy a dangerous condition on their property, which led to a plaintiff sustaining an injury, in that case, the plaintiff has legal recourse, and the property owner can be held liable for losses.

Personal injury lawyers from the Maltese Law Office can help the plaintiff prove the at-fault party (property owner) was negligent with comprehensive and compelling evidence. They may even go as far as getting expert witnesses for the case. Therefore, plaintiffs thinking of filing a lawsuit in Brookhaven, NY, should reach out to Maltese Law firm at (631) 857-3703 to start their legal journey.

What a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer Can Do for a Plaintiff

The first task a Brookhaven slip and fall lawyer will do is to inform the property owners and the insurance companies about this pending case brought against them. They’ll definitely take the matter more seriously than if the victim self-represented the claims. The law around slip and fall cases stems from liability and damages. Here are some critical issues a slip and fall accident attorney can do for injured victims.

Establish Fault in a Plaintiff’s Slip and Fall Accident Case

Plaintiffs can only secure a fair settlement or allow a slip and fall case to go to trial if their Long Island slip and fall attorney has enough evidence to prove that. Personal injury lawsuits require the plaintiff to prove that the property owner’s negligent actions caused the accidents.

A slip and fall accident lawyer serving Brookhaven, NY, will first investigate how the fall accident occurred. Most plaintiffs don’t understand how the fall happened; one minute, they’re walking in a grocery store, and the next minute, they’re injured on the ground.

The Brookhaven slip and fall injury lawyer must determine the fall accident's circumstances. He must also hold the property owners legally responsible for the fall accident with the evidence attained. The fall lawyer must, therefore, examine the fall scene and discuss all possibilities with a plaintiff to determine why and how they fell.

A liability investigation will also take a look at what the local and federal state laws say about this particular case. This will determine whether or not the property condition violated any statute. Moreover, the Brookhaven slip and fall lawyer may also bring expert advice to bolster a plaintiff’s position to seek compensation for fall injuries.

A Brookhaven Slip and fall injury lawyer Can Prove Losses Caused by the Accident

Proving the extent and nature of a fall claim is not a matter of a plaintiff saying he broke a particular bone in their body after the fall. The fall injury case must properly outline the plaintiff's lost wages while recovering and show medical bills for all medical expenses incurred due to the accident. All these must be organized and clearly outlined in a document. Moreover, the Brookhaven slip and fall injury attorney must show the victim suffered unsubstantiated damages for pain and suffering. A fall lawyer must present the damage arguments exquisitely for plaintiffs to attain monetary award in the case.

Victims of slip and fall should schedule a Brookhaven free consultation with fall law users at Maltese Law Firm for a free case review. They’ll be able to provide legal counsel to assist a plaintiff in their next course of action.

Represent Plaintiffs in a Trial

Plaintiffs would sometimes want to self-represent in a trial, but this is not recommended since they may fail to make it through the process - as the case may be dismissed, which would otherwise be a winning streak if they let an attorney handle the legal process. A Brookhaven personal injury lawyer understands legal proceedings like the back of their hands and would ensure each step is dealt with effectively. Moreover, they handle all technicalities of a case, ensure all documents are in order, and represent a plaintiff in a court of law.

While it’s not mandatory for plaintiffs pursuing a claim to have legal representation, having a legal professional on their side will increase the chances of winning their case. A lawyer has tons of experience, knowledge, and skills that he can bring to a particular case. They understand how a property owner or insurance company may play their cards to pin the blame on the victim. With their full grasp of knowledge, they can successfully beat the defendant at their own game.

Negotiations of Settlement

At times, the fall claims don’t reach trial. The defendant and the plaintiff can agree to find a common ground outside court. A reputed lawyer with great negotiation skills can come in handy to ensure plaintiffs get what they truly deserve. Even in such circumstances, an insurance company will want to pay as little as possible to maintain profits.

If a plaintiff were to represent themselves, they could get awarded a smaller compensation than they truly deserve. Therefore, these plaintiffs must seek legal counsel from reputable attorneys at the Maltese Law Office to attain a fair settlement.

Compensation Awarded for a Slip and Fall Injury Claim

The lawyer can secure various monetary awards for plaintiffs after a successful trial or settlement deal. They consist of economic and non-economic rewards:

  • Economic Rewards: These are compensation subjective to monetary losses. They are given to plaintiffs to offset monetary losses incurred due to the injuries. Examples include lost wages and past and future medical bills, among others.

  • Non-economic Rewards: They’re given to plaintiffs to offset the physiological damage that the victim went through. Plaintiffs who sustained a permanent disfigurement on their bodies are susceptible to mental anguish. Therefore, such compensation relieves them of emotional distress, pain, and suffering.

  • Punitive Rewards: This monetary reward is neither economic nor non-economic. They’re intentionally given to the plaintiff to serve as punishment to the defendant. It ensures future negligent behavior from the defendant is deterred. Moreover, it serves as a warning to other property owners who want to follow in the footsteps of the defendant. The judge usually decides the maximum amount for such compensation.

Plaintiffs must, therefore, partner with a reputed lawyer to recover all these compensations. They should contact Maltese Law Firm as soon as possible to start their legal journey.

How Much Will a Slip and Fall Accident Cost?

How Much Will a Slip and Fall Accident Cost?

In a premises liability case, as with most personal injury lawsuits, fall lawyers always work under a contingency fee basis, meaning these legal professionals will take their fee for representing a victim out of their settlement. If the plaintiff doesn’t recover compensation from liable parties, then fall lawyers won’t receive payment for their services.

The legal team at Maltese Law Firm will be upfront about this during a free consultation Brookhaven slip and fall case review. Moreover, they’ll advise a plaintiff on the favorable legal options that will ensure they recover damages. Plaintiffs must contact slip and fall accidents attorneys as soon as possible.

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Schedule a Free Legal Consultation with Fall Attorneys at the Maltese Law Office

There’s so much at stake for a plaintiff not to involve a lawyer while trying to file a personal injury claim. These legal professionals will fight for their client’s legal rights and secure damages for losses incurred. The lawyer will work around the clock to gather evidence that makes a claim compelling. If one has suffered injuries due to a fall caused by negligence, they should reach out to lawyers from Maltese Law Firm at (631) 857-3703. They’ll be happy to help.


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