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An Overview of Kings Park, NY - A Quaint Suburb of Long Island

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Situated on the North Shore of Long Island and nestled between Smithtown and Nissequogue, Kings Park is a quaint village full of historically-rich neighborhoods and picturesque parks. An unincorporated village and hamlet located in Suffolk County, New York, Kings Park is a part of Smithtown Town and is located about 34 miles east of Manhattan. Known for its nautical and maritime history, Kings Park has experienced much growth and development since being established in 1882. The village was founded by James Smith, who, along with his family, moved to the area from nearby Smithtown. Today, Kings Park is highly sought-after due to its quaint atmosphere, welcoming community, and close proximity to all of the amenities of Long Island life. Smithtown, NY can be seen here.

The village of Kings Park offers a number of attractions for its residents and visitors alike. The area’s scenery is especially appealing and includes a number of parks and beaches, as well as a lake. In addition, Kings Park is home to the famous Catholic Church on the Southampton Turn off Crystal Brook Hollow Road, which dates back to prior to the Civil War. For those interested in recreation, Kings Park has a variety of options, including a number of sports clubs and leagues, fishing and boating, as well as sailing and slacklining. The numerous parks throughout the village of Kings Park can be used for picnics, dog walking, and other outdoor activities. Every year, it is common to find the streets of Kings Park filled with bicycle riders and rollerbladers enjoying the sights and sounds of the area. Click here to read about A Detailed Look at East Northport, New York – A Treasure on the North Shore of Long Island.

For residents and visitors alike, Kings Park boasts plenty of amenities such as restaurants and shopping. Kings Park also has its own library, playgrounds, and medical facilities, as well as numerous churches and historic buildings, adding to the village’s charm and authenticity. In addition to its ample collection of recreational and shopping opportunities, Kings Park’s educational system is top-notch, with the town having a great public school system that prides itself on its excellence. The North Shore Large School District’s schools in Kings Park are consistently ranked among the best in the state and country. In conclusion, Kings Park is a great place to live, visit, or stay for a while. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting day at the beach, Kings Park has it all. So if you’re searching for a serene and beautiful small village, look no further than Kings Park, New York.

Kings Park, NY, is a historic hamlet in the Smithtown township on Long Island, New York. It is located about 45 miles east of New York City and is part of Suffolk County. In the mid-1800s, the area saw a rise in tourism, as the popular Kings Park Hotel and Resort opened its doors. Throughout the years, many other resorts and tourist attractions have dotted the town, making it a popular summer and weekend getaway spot. Today, Kings Park is home to many businesses and establishments. This includes shops, restaurants, offices, and banks. It also has two state parks located within its boundaries: Nissequogue River State Park and Sunken Meadow State Park. Both parks offer a variety of outdoor activities, from mountain biking to swimming, fishing, and more.


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