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A Detailed Look at East Northport, New York – A Treasure on the North Shore of Long Island

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Nestled on the North Shore of Long Island, East Northport is an unassuming, beautiful, and largely unknown treasure of a town. Located nearby to a number of attractions and transportation, East Northport could easily be mistaken for a hidden oasis but is, in fact a true oasis of a vibrant community, outdoor activities, and a marker of serenity in modern life. In recent years, this small town has seen a surge of growth from businesses seeking affordable and secluded real estate opportunities and from families looking for a retreat from the hectic pace of life in New York City. East Northport is bordered on the south by Long Island Sound and the north by the Long Island Sound. In addition to these scenic landscapes, the area has much to offer in the way of recreation, entertainment, and educational options. Locals can take advantage of multiple parks, including; The Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center, West Beach, and Wildwood State Park, allowing guests to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of the region. Information can be found here.

The Smith Haven Mall and Greenlawn Center offer great shopping and dining destinations, as well as entertainment. Furthermore, the commercial center of Huntington Village is only a few minutes drive away, offering families and business professionals an easy commute for their daily needs. East Northport is a great place for families to settle in, with plenty of amenities to fulfill every family’s wants and needs. Top-notch public schools provide quality education for children, with the addition of St. Anthony’s Parochial School for those looking for faith-based education. From community parks to spending the day at the golf course, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this charming hamlet. See here for information about A City of History and Diversity: An Exploration of Smithtown, New York.

The town’s main commercial strip is Larkfield Road, which runs east-west across East Northport. Here, visitors can expect to find everything from popular spas and salons to unique independent stores and eateries. This strip of pavement runs parallel to Route 25A, a scenic and popular route that is perfect for a leisurely Sunday drive. Located on the Long Island Expressway and the Northern State Parkway, East Northport offers easy access to both these major highways and to the rest of Long Island.

East Northport also has an array of real estate options that can fit any budget. is a great place for families to settle, with single-family homes, starter apartments, and luxurious country estates all available. The real estate market here is diverse and varied, from starter apartments, single-family homes, and country estates, to larger commercial properties suitable for businesses and rental properties. Home prices in the area are generally below the national median, making it an affordable and attractive home-buying destination. East Northport is a charming and thriving town full of culture, commerce, and leisure. For commuters, families, and business professionals, it offers easy access, diverse real estate options, and a number of amenities – all in a peaceful and secluded setting. From pristine beaches to unique shopping and dining, East Northport is indeed a hidden treasure and an oasis in this busy world.


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