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Who's at Fault in Wide Turn Accidents? - Getting Legal Representation as a Truck Driver

Qualified truckers should be able to safely maneuver highways and local roads despite the size and weight of their vehicles. This should help prevent collisions with smaller passenger vehicles.

Commercial vehicles, however, have several features that make crashes more likely, especially if the driver is negligent or reckless while operating the vehicle. The truck's turning radius, which necessitates making large turns, is one of these qualities. A negligent truck driver might undoubtedly cause a collision if they are not adequately trained or do not make a left, right, or U-turn at a suitable time. Even underride accidents can happen with commercial vehicles. If an underride accident occurs, it is necessary to know who's at fault in an underride accident.

Victims should speak to an experienced truck accident attorney when they are involved in wide-turn truck accidents. Our truck accident attorneys at The Law Office of Carl Maltese are prepared to stand up for accident victims during this difficult time and help them recover compensation.

Call us at (631) 857-3703 immediately after a trucking wide turn accident.

How Are Trucks Forced into a Wide Turn Accident?

How Are Trucks Forced into a Wide Turn Accident?

Large commercial truck driving is challenging and necessitates specialized knowledge and training. Because of this, truck drivers must possess a commercial driver's license and occasionally even an additional endorsement for specific vehicle models, braking systems, and cargo categories. Truck drivers also need to make vast maneuvers in a semi-truck regardless of their documented competence.

Simply put, many local streets and intersections cannot accommodate the size and turning radius of 18-wheelers and other semi-trucks. They are unable to perform the same maneuvers as private automobiles. It may be necessary for a commercial truck to enter the right lane while making a right turn from the far left lane.

In the same way, a semi-truck may need to swing wide into the right lane to perform a left turn. On the road it is turning onto, a big truck might also have to swerve into oncoming traffic or a distant lane of traffic.

It is certainly feasible for trucks to execute safe wide turns without hitting another car or endangering anyone. The likelihood that a truck driver's negligence and improper maneuvers might cause a wide-turn accident is high. It might also imply that the driver wasn't paying attention and was instead preoccupied.

Why Do Truck Drivers Make Wide Right Turns?

Large truck drivers make turns in vast circles. Most of them are longer than 70 feet. Because driving is on the right in the United States, left-hand turns must first cross oncoming traffic. With right turns, this is not the case. While turning for passenger cars is usually quite small, a 73-foot semi-truck needs more room to make a right turn.

Occasionally, it entails using the outside lane while it's open. Other times, it involves making a sudden turn into the neighboring or opposing lane of traffic. This is why a wide-right-turn accident is common.

Types of Wide-Right-Turn Accidents

Several scenarios exist where a truck performing a right turn may be engaged in a wide-right turn accident, including:

  • Right Turn on a Two-Lane Road

The truck can swerve into the lane of entering traffic when making a right turn on a two-lane road. If the drivers of the oncoming vehicles and the truck driver are not adequately prepared and paying attention, a turn-accident may occur.

  • Right Turn on a Multi-Lane Road

To make a right turn, a truck driver could veer into the lane next to them. If the driver doesn't check their blind spots or other drivers aren't paying attention or driving too fast, a wide right turn accident could happen.

  • Another Driver Squeezed in next to a Turning Truck

Some motorists could attempt to merge into the lane adjacent to a truck that is about to make a wide right turn. Wide turn accidents might occur if the truck driver is unaware of the vehicle next to them or if the driver of that vehicle fails to anticipate the truck's right turn.

  • Rollovers

Trucks have a higher center of gravity than cars, so if the driver makes a right turn too quickly or at an extreme angle, the truck may topple over. This is one of the most common wide-turn accidents.

Common Injuries in Wide-Right-Turn Accidents

Tractor-trailers can cause serious injuries when they collide with smaller cars because of their size and weight. Wide-right-turn collisions frequently result in the following injuries:

  • Internal bleeding

  • Broken or crushed bones

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Internal organ damage

  • Amputated limbs

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Paralysis

  • Wrongful death

Who Can Be Held Responsible For Wide-Right-Turn Truck Accidents?

A wide-right turn crash is typically the fault of the truck driver involved, but it is not always the case. It depends on whether their actions directly caused the accident by being careless. Examples of negligent conduct for which a truck driver may be held accountable include:

  • Driving too fast

  • Failing to use the turn signal

  • Failing to check blind spots

  • Driving while distracted

  • Driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or certain medications

  • Disobeying traffic signals or signs

  • Failing to comply with federal or state regulations

In some cases, the trucking business may be held accountable for accidents involving wide right turns. Consider a scenario in which poor maintenance caused the truck's turn signal to malfunction, keeping other drivers in the dark about the truck driver's intentions. In that situation, the trucking company can be held accountable for an accident that occurs later. The trucking firm could be held liable for hiring an unfit driver if the truck driver lacked the necessary or proper training and their inexperience contributed to the accident.

A wide-right turn truck accident may potentially be the fault of other motorists; for instance, if a motorist attempted to cut off a turning truck by squeezing next to it, the driver could be held accountable if the accident resulted in injuries to other people. It is also important to know who's at fault in jackknife accidents which can also happen with making wide turns.

Seeking Damages for Wide Turn Truck Accident

A person hurt in a wide-turn trucking accident must contact a qualified semi accident lawyer in Long Island as soon as possible, especially if they were hurt. Numerous persons could be held accountable for compensation or who may have contributed to the collision. Each of these parties must keep all relevant records for a case, including those of the trucking company, the driver, the semi-truck, and its electronic data recorder.

Once there's proof that the truck driver's wide turn caused injuries, we can file a personal injury insurance claim or file a lawsuit to recover damages for a victim's losses.

Steps to Take After Wide Turn Truck Accidents

Steps to Take After Wide Turn Truck Accidents

It may be challenging to think properly if a person is involved in a wide-turn truck accident due to the extreme stress of the circumstance. If at all possible, the following actions should be followed after an underride incident.

Survey The Situation

Wide-turn truck accidents can result in dangerous situations and serious injuries. If the situation appears dangerous owing to fluid leaks or a potential collapse, stay away from the area and wait for the police and medical personnel to arrive.

Get Medical Care

Getting medical care should be a truck driver's primary priority because accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries. An accident victim should still get examined even if they feel well enough to not require emergency care for apparent injuries.

Exchange Contacts

Both the truck driver's and the trucking company's contact information should be available. Even if they think they are somewhat to blame, they should avoid admitting guilt for the crash while chatting with other drivers.

Gather Evidence

Big rig accidents can be tough to investigate and collect evidence in because the trucking company will retrieve its trucks after an incident. Take pictures or videos of the scene, including the truck, the smaller car, and any injuries suffered. If the victim is unable to gather this information, the authorities will conduct their inquiry. The police report can be used as evidence to support the claim.

Refrain from Interacting with Insurers

While suffering from the shock of a wide-turn truck accident, the trucking company's insurance adjuster may contact the accident victim. Sadly, insurance firms usually attempt to get them to admit fault in a statement or accept a meager settlement offer. A person should never talk to an insurance company without first discussing the matter with their lawyer.

Call an Attorney

Wide-turn truck accidents can result in severe bodily and psychological harm that lasts a lifetime. They involve intricate legal issues as well. Victims may focus on healing by hiring a reliable New York personal injury lawyer to assist them to fight for their rights.

Contact An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Call The Law Office of Carl Maltese at (631) 857-3703 if a person suffered injuries in any form of collision with a commercial truck. Our staff has a broad range of personal injury cases under its collective belt, including auto, motorcycle, bus, and truck accidents. We'll look into what caused the client's injuries to determine who's at fault.


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