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Why Do I Need a Truck Accident Lawyer in NY?

Truck drivers in New York have a difficult job. More and more heavy-duty vehicles take to the roads each year- many of which travel long distances and often at night. Accidents involving vehicles of this size can be serious- with many leading to severe injuries or worse.

Having a truck accident lawyer in NY is essential to ensure the best representation following a collision. The truck drivers often face harsh charges because they are less likely to suffer the same injuries as the other party in a smaller vehicle- or the same extent of property damage.

The Law Office of Carl Maltese is an expert in personal injury law, with years of experience working with truck drivers in New York.

A Few Truck Accident Statistics

A Few Truck Accident Statistics

  • More than 70% of all fatalities in accidents involving trucks are drivers or passengers in the other vehicle (usually cars).

  • Over half a million trucks are involved in collisions in the US each year.

  • The leading cause of truck accidents is drifting across lanes- closely followed by loss of vehicle control on the side of the truck driver.

  • On average, around 4500 people lose their lives in truck accidents annually in the US.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

In any motor accident, having sufficient legal representation is a must, but the need is even greater for a truck driver. Here are just a few of the reasons why hiring Long Island truck accident lawyers is essential.

  • Trucks have the power to inflict serious damage on other vehicles and the people inside them.

Any collision has the potential to end in severe injury or death, but the disproportionate size of most trucks in NY compared to average road vehicles increases the odds. When a truck is involved in an accident with a car or even multiple cars, there is a good chance the other parties end up in a worse condition than the truck driver.

Even if the collision is not necessarily the truck’s fault, the severe impact of a crash can weigh heavily on proceedings, charges, and claims.

  • A truck accident may have several defendants if more than two vehicles are involved.

The sheer size of an 18-wheeler increases the likelihood that multiple cars will be involved in a collision. If a truck driver wipes out several vehicles, they face multiple claims and charges and need expert representation. Even if they are also injured, the blame from several other parties can fall their way until alternative proof is provided.

  • Driver fatigue and negligence are usually brought into question.

There is no doubt that truck drivers in NY undergo far more advanced training than the average road user to acquire their commercial license- but that doesn’t automatically make them more conscientious drivers. After an accident, the competence of the truck driver is almost always questioned- particularly their attention levels during a long stint on the road and whether or not they were as well rested as they should be.

It is not easy to drive such a huge piece of machinery, and even the most experienced truck driver can lose control. Poor weather conditions, limited visibility, a faulty part, or an imbalance in the cargo can all contribute to loss of control- and, ultimately, an accident.

Anyone can lose control of a vehicle, but truck drivers face more obstacles than most and are held to higher standards. A dedicated truck accident lawyer can ensure a fair image is put forward and proper representation provided.

Why Contact the Law Office of Carl Maltese?

The Law Office of Carl Maltese is one of the most trusted and respected personal injury teams in New York. They specialize in car and truck accident law and have an unrivaled knowledge of how these claims and defenses work.

Anyone involved in a truck accident should contact the team as soon as possible to discuss their case and get the legal guidance they need.

Call Us Now for Expert Truck Accident Representation

Truck drivers need a specialized lawyer in the event of an accident because they often require an enhanced defense based on the more likely outcome of a collision. Speak to the Law Office of Carl Maltese today for confidential professional advice.


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