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Where Do Most Truck Accidents Occur in New York?

There are thousands of truck accidents in New York every year. When they happen, people should contact a lawyer that will know how to help them in this situation. That is because this can lead to many people being injured or dead. People who want to learn more about where most truck accidents happen in New York should continue to read below.

The Statistics

The Statistics

Every year, truck accident statistics go up. There are many counties in New York State, but many trucking accidents happen in or around the New York City area. Counties that have the highest fatalities when it comes to trucking accidents are:

  • New York County

Many different trucks are going through New York County, which is why people will need to continue to be diligent on the roads. People will see delivery trucks, import trucks, and more going through the county.

  • Kings County

Kings County has a lot of restrictions, which is why people may find that their trucks take the wrong turn. This can cause serious truck accidents, which is why truck drivers should ensure that they follow the right road to their destination. Otherwise, they will end up causing more accidents.

  • Bronx County

Delivery trucks often go to the Bronx, which is why many trucking accidents happen there. Since trucks are large and there is a lot of double parking in the Bronx, it may be difficult for drivers to maneuver around the streets.

  • Queens County

Sadly, many truck accidents happen in Queens that end with fatalities. Some of these accidents may be severe, while others may be milder. Either way, the truck's size may be why people end up in a trucking accident, but no matter the day of the week, most truck accidents are caused by negligent behavior.

  • Nassau County

Long Island sees a lot of trucking accidents since many people need to go between Long Island the New York City. This opens people to more accidents with all the transporting of goods.

  • Oswego County

Recently, a truck accident in the Oswego County involving a truck and two teenagers were killed after being electrocuted because of the truck crash. People must be careful when they are near trucks in Oswego County.

  • Westchester County

In these counties, people should take more care when driving a truck or near one. There are many reasons why trucking accidents happen, which can be found in another post on this website.

Big Truck Statistics People Should Know About

Below are some statistics about trucking accidents and how this can be mirrored locally:

  • Volume: Trucking accidents tend to increase by 10% every year, which is why there are more fatalities involving them.

  • Number of Vehicles: Statistically, 63% of large trucks tend to crash into another vehicle on the road.

  • Type of Trucks: Single trailers tend to be involved in more accidents compared to larger ones.

  • Victims: Most fatalities in trucking accidents are the passengers in the other vehicle. Typically, there is only one victim.

  • Age: A lot of the victims in trucking accidents are middle-aged.

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