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Do Cars or Trucks Cause More Accidents in NY?

An accident involving a truck is treated differently than one involving a passenger vehicle. In a truck accident, there may be several defendants, and knowing who they are may help someone navigate the court system.

New York's regulations on car accidents cover any potential comparative carelessness on the part of the plaintiff as well. Juries are typically expected to determine both the damage and the percentage of culpability attributable to each side. The consequences are then modified under the degree of fault.

Statistics for Truck Accidents in NY

Statistics for Truck Accidents in NY

Because these vehicles turn into high-speed wrecking balls, truck accidents in New York frequently result in catastrophes. These trucks frequently can't stop in time to prevent a collision because of the enormous bulk they are pulling behind them. When they don't collide with other cars, they wreak terrible damage and often kill or critically hurt the passengers and drivers.

Although they are still necessary for New York City, trucks seriously endanger other road users, especially pedestrians and bicycles. Statistics show that serious injuries or death occur in 67% of truck accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians.

Only two other months saw more than 700 truck accidents in New York City: 716 accidents in October 2021 and 779 in the month of May 2021. Trucks represent one of the most hazardous vehicles on city roadways, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Statistics for Car Accidents in NY

Every year, there are around six million car accidents in the US. These occur frequently in New York City. The NYPD releases crash statistics for each of the five city boroughs each month.

NYC injury rates from car accidents increased during quarter 1 in 2022 compared to the same period in 2010 and nearly matched 2020 levels. The number of people killed in car accidents in New York City increased in the first quarter of 2022, but there were fewer than 12,000 injuries.

Data shows that 59 people have already lost their lives in car accidents in NYC this year, compared to 41 fatalities during the same period last year. Considering the present trend, 2022 may surpass 2021, which had the most traffic fatalities since 2014, as the worst year for road fatalities in the city in the past ten years.

Common Causes for Car Crashes in NY

Common Causes for Car Crashes in NY

The most often involved vehicles in collisions in New York City include passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, and wagons. Large commercial vehicles and taxis are next in line.

  • Tailgating, which occurs when one motorist follows another car too closely, was to blame for 35% of the city's destructive collisions.

Even the smallest fender collision can have disastrous implications. Tailgating another car generally results in what officials deem minor but dangerous accidents.

  • In New York, the second most common factor in auto accidents is distracted driving. Calling or texting while driving might force a person to take their attention off the road for an extended period of time and result in a serious accident.

Driving while chatting on a cell phone, texting, or playing games on a phone is illegal in the New York State. It is definitely forbidden to use a phone to watch a video or even to check messages.

  • Drivers performing risky lane changes are the reason for one out of every five collisions that result in bodily injuries. Most did not give their objectives any thought before swerving into oncoming traffic.

  • Due to the high population density in the metropolitan area, crashes may become more hazardous since large vehicles and pedestrians may congregate in the same location. Even if congestion by itself may not be the cause of an accident, expect the likelihood to rise if someone acts careless.

  • Unfortunate collisions could be caused by intoxicated drivers. The same can be true for motorists who violate the law while moving.


The statistics point toward the fact that car accidents occur more frequently than truck accidents in New York. If someone gets involved in a vehicle accident, they must get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury attorney assists those who have been hurt in accidents in obtaining monetary compensation. These assets are frequently required to cover the cost of medical care, make up for missed wages, and compensate for injuries sustained. If you've been injured in a different type of accident, like a dog bite, take a look at the dog bite laws in New York.


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