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Everything People Need to Know About Tread Separation and Truck Accidents

Many things can cause a truck accident, and while many of them are unforeseeable and inevitable, truck drivers can do different things to keep accidents from happening.

One of the primary things all drivers should do is make sure all tires are in decent condition before starting a long trip. While losing a tire may leave people stranded for hours, tread separation can even cause deadly crashes if they happen on a highway.

The problem with tread separation and truck accidents is not many people know why they happen or what to do after they do. Fortunately, anyone in the search of information about the matter can find what they need on this page.

Regardless of that, if anyone already went through an accident and needs legal assistance to file a lawsuit against the liable party for the crash, they can call the Law Office of Carl Maltese to schedule a free case evaluation with one of its lawyers.

Why Tread Separation Happens

Why Does Tread Separation Happen?

The thing with motor vehicles is there could be several reasons for the issue they show. Hence, many things could cause a tread to separate from the truck. It’s common for tread separation to occur due to improper flat repair or improper driving behavior from the driver. This includes hitting potholes or overusing the vehicle.

Sometimes, manufacturing companies are liable for truck or motor vehicle accidents since tread separation can also happen due to manufacturing errors. Although the best truck drivers can do is check everything is going well with the vehicle every once in a while, it’s not that common to see a truck accident happening because of that.

Driving under extreme weather conditions can also damage tires and separate treads.

Can People Drive on a Separated Tread?

People can only drive from 50 to 70 miles on a spare tire, but they should avoid doing it if they can. Driving a truck with uneven tire treads is already dangerous

since it can compromise some parts of the tire and cause blowouts. Aside from uneven tire treads, there can also be many dangers of overloaded trucks.

The only thing truck drivers with a separate tread should do is get to a safe zone and call for help. Nevertheless, putting different tread depths in the same truck is often harmless, but it can jeopardize vehicle handling and steering.

Dangers of Tread Separation

How Dangerous Are Tread Separation Truck Accidents?

Truck drivers need to be able to control and steer their trucks at all times, so what makes tread separation dangerous is that it makes truck drivers unable to control the vehicle. Not being able to brake or drive correctly on a busy highway can lead to a huge crash between multiple cars.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, truck accidents are always deadly dangerous since, depending on how fast the truck was going when the tread separates from the tire, it could kill all passengers on the truck and on the car that crashes with it. There are also dangers of driving in a no zone.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Victims of Truck Accidents?

Personal injury lawyers can help victims of truck accidents in many ways, and the first step to take after being part of a crash and making sure everyone is okay is contacting one of the semi accident lawyers in Long Island NY. Why are personal injury attorneys that important? Because they can get victims the money they need to pay for medical bills and property damage.

When an accident happens, the victims must find out who was liable for what happened, whether it’s the truck driver, the other driver, or even the motor vehicle manufacturers. As it was mentioned before, accidents cause many injuries, and healing from them is expensive.

No one deserves to pay for an accident they didn’t cause, and lawyers can file a lawsuit against the negligent party for them to pay the victim the compensation they deserve for the accident. This compensation includes coverage for medical bills, non-economic damage, and property damage.

Bottom Line

Truck accidents are more common than many people think, but fortunately, tread separation is something truck drivers can foresee. Therefore, everyone should take their vehicles to a periodic checkup anytime they can to keep accidents from happening.

Nevertheless, if an accident were to happen, the Law Firm of Carl Maltese is more than ready to help victims build a strong case against all liable parties for the crash.


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