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The Dog-Gone Best Park in Smithtown, NY: Blydenbugh Dog Park Area

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Located near the picturesque banks of the Nissequogue River in Smithtown, NY, Blydenbugh Dog Park Area is the perfect destination for dog owners and their faithful companions. This beloved and much-visited doggy destination offers a variety of recreational activities and the chance to bond with your furry friend. The park contains a number of amenities that attract all kinds of dog owners, from experienced, athletic dogs, to more timid and low-energy pooches. The spacious grounds include a large, fenced-in open area, perfect for running and exercising, as well as a 140-foot-long obstacle course where more adventurous dogs can test their mettle. If you've got a water-loving pup, Blydenbugh also offers a shallow pond, perfect for swimming, wading, and exploring. See more here.

Human visitors to the park will also find plenty of activities to enjoy. The area offers sweeping views of the nearby river and the surrounding natural beauty, with plenty of shady spots to relax and take in the scenery. Blydenbugh is also home to a dog-friendly cafe, perfect for lounging with a cup of coffee or grabbing a snack. Beyond its recreational potential, Blydenbugh Dog Park Area is known for the unique attitude of community and respect shared by everyone who visits. Pet owners here take special care to monitor their pets and ensure everyone feels welcome and that no one is bothered by their dog’s activities. It's important to remember to bring your own waste bags so that you can participate in the park’s “leave no trace” approach to preserving this beautiful landscape. Read about Explore Nature's Beauty in Blydenburgh County Park, Smithtown, NY here.


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