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Can I Sue Amazon If My Vehicle Was Hit By an Amazon Delivery Driver?

Amazon is a significant component of American business. It has delivery in the entire country and is under continual pressure to meet deadlines for package delivery. Therefore, accidents may occur when these drivers act carelessly.

In rare circumstances, the injured person might be able to sue an Amazon driver for damages if they struck their car negligently. However, their ability to file a case will depend on how closely connected the driver is to Amazon. Still, even if a lawsuit is not a possibility for them, receiving an insurance settlement can be.

Amazon Liability

When Is Amazon Liable for an Accident?

The accident's specific circumstances will decide whether the victim has a strong case directly against Amazon. This is because Amazon typically hires freelance contractors rather than employing drivers.

It is crucial to consider this when deciding whether to file a lawsuit. The claim will be filed depending on the driver's status as being at fault. The driver can also be responsible for loading the truck.

In summary, speaking with a lawyer about the alternatives is essential before filing a claim against Amazon or its driver. Making errors in this area of the case might be expensive, as suing a company for the carelessness of one of their employees is complicated.

What About an Insurance Claim?

Even if the victim cannot sue Amazon directly due to a delivery truck accident, their insurance coverage may still entitle them to compensation. This may happen if they were into a collision with an Amazon driver. Amazon drivers may use their own vehicles to deliver products thanks to the Flex program.

Amazon tends to offer insurance coverage to its drivers to protect them when delivering deliveries. In order to be qualified for the Amazon Commercial Auto Insurance Policy, the drivers must have a personal car insurance policy. Therefore, even if the victim cannot sue Amazon directly, they may be able to get the money they want by making a claim under their insurance plan.

Can I Sue the Driver Directly?

A victim could have a strong case against the motorist who caused the accident, even if they are unable to sue Amazon. It is crucial to remember that the case against the delivery driver is still viable even after suing the irresponsible party's employer. Victims could file a claim against the driver's auto insurance company even if Amazon's liability insurance does not protect the driver.

Document the Crash

What to Do If an Amazon Delivery Driver Hits Your Car

The actions that should be taken after colliding with an Amazon driver are crucial. Victims should prioritize taking care of their medical requirements, but they should also make an effort to safeguard their injury claims. Some of the critical steps the victim must take are the following.

Exchange Insurance Information

Similar to every collision, the Amazon driver must be contacted for information. The victim should ask for their name, phone number, and any details about their insurance coverage. Asking whether they have any additional coverage via Amazon is also crucial. If the response is affirmative, it is also time to request details on the policy.

Document the Crash

After the accident, the plaintiff should write down as much information as possible. They should also note any car damage and name witnesses present when the collision happened. It is also essential to document the brand and type of the car the delivery person was driving, particularly if it wasn't a conventional delivery truck. Naturally, the victims must ensure their safety and ability to record this information. If they cannot do so, they must call one of the Long Island semi accident lawyers who will take care of obtaining police reports to strengthen their case.

Contact an Attorney

Dealing with Amazon doesn't have to be too complicated. The victim has the right to retain legal counsel to assist them in their quest to obtain compensation after their injury. While they concentrate on getting well from their injuries, an attorney might pursue compensation on their behalf.

Bottom Line

The truth is that big companies, such as Amazon, are usually highly protected against lawsuits and claims, which is why it is a fantastic idea to hire a lawyer from the Law Office of Carl Maltese who can take care of all the details of the case.


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