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Suffolk County Slip and Fall Lawyer | Everything You Need to Know 

A slip and fall accident can negatively impact a person's health, relationships, and even career. Anyone who has experienced such an accident on the property of another person, then a Suffolk County slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Carl Maltese can assist.

The legal team at the Law Office of Carl Maltese is able to identify the party or parties liable for a slip and fall accident - regardless of whether they are a property manager, property owner, lessee, or somebody else - and negotiate with the liable party's insurance company on a financial settlement that is needed for the victim of a slip and fall accident to rebuild their lives again.

The Value of a Slip and Fall Case

The Value of a Slip and Fall Case

Trips and slips are one of the leading causes of hospitalizations and fatalities among the residents of Suffolk County, and all individuals can experience the emotional, physical, and financial pain that is caused by a slip and fall incident.

The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Carl Maltese have helped victims of slip and fall accidents recover thousands of dollars worth of compensation. Thus, it can be said that an experienced personal injury lawyer at this law firm can determine exactly how much a slip and fall injury case is worth based on the following damages:

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of consortium - special types of losses that are recognized in terms of the law, a person may experience when their spouse is a victim of wrongful death.

  • Intellectual and physical disability

  • Scars and disfiguring marks

  • Medical expenses

  • Travel expenses that are related to medical treatment

  • Attorney fees

  • Lost wages and loss of benefits

  • Loss of employment and future earning capacity

Every case of those injured in a slip and fall accident is unique. Therefore, it is always recommended that these victims seek professional legal advice when needing to determine an accurate dollar value for the slip and fall injuries that they have suffered.

Wrongful Death Damages

Sometimes, a family's loved one may not survive a slip and fall accident. If this is the case, a personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Carl Maltese can help these families fight for the justice they deserve and recover an appropriate amount of compensation from the damages brought upon them as a result of a loved one passing away in a fatal accident.

In terms of a wrongful death lawsuit, clients may qualify for the damages listed above, in addition to the following:

  • Funeral or burial expenses

  • Loss of companionship and society

  • Loss of financial support

  • Estate settlement cost

  • Bereavement and grief

How a Trip and Fall Accident Lawyer at Maltese Law Firm Can Help

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Carl Maltese seek to make the legal process more available to all. They offer a free consultation to any caller in need of their help and will never charge an attorney fee unless their clients recover compensation.

Anyone that chooses to use these slip and fall lawyers for their personal injury claim can expect them to handle their claim in the following ways:

Provide Regular Updates

As soon as anything important occurs, a Suffolk County slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Carl Maltese will let their clients know about it. They will also explain the possible implications of their developments and how they should proceed.

Identify the Responsible Party

The liable parties in a slip and fall personal injury case could be the owner of the property, and anyone who property owners leased their property or employed to take care of their property.

Consult with All Parties on Behalf of Their Client

It can be unduly stressful for the victims of slip and fall accidents to communicate directly with the party who caused their injuries. Thus, a slip and fall lawyer at the Law Office of Carl Maltese is always prepared to handle all messaging on behalf of their client to all the other parties involved.

Collect Relevant Evidence to Build the Personal Injury Claim

Experienced attorneys will seek proof from testimony (from eyewitnesses or experts) or documentary sources such as medical records and other relevant bills.

Determine a Value for the Personal Injury Lawsuit

By listening to a victim's story during the free consultation and reviewing all the necessary evidence, a slip and fall injury lawyer can calculate how much the economic and non-economic damages of a client's case are worth.

This way, clients can be confident that the value suggested as the target compensation for all slip and fall accidents will meet their present and future needs.

Other Considerations That Should be Taken into Account

Suffolk County slip and fall lawyers at the Law Office of Carl Maltese are able to handle all the legal matters so that their clients don't have to concern themselves with such. However, there are still certain factors that should be taken into consideration by the victim of a slip and fall accident.

Common Types of Personal Injury

The following are a few examples of the many injuries victims have suffered as a result of slip and fall accidents, such as:

  • Whiplash

  • Bruising

  • Fractures

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Internal bleeding

  • Lacerations

Statute of Limitations

All accident victims have a limited amount of time to exercise the right they have to pursue compensation. Even if they miss the deadline by a short period of time, this could very well cost them the settlement they deserve.

This is why it is so important for all slip and fall victims to receive legal help and proceed with their case as soon as possible.

Depending on the specific circumstances of a case, the statute of limitations may be even shorter, in addition to the other deadlines that govern a lawsuit and claim as well.

Evidence Is Impairment

An experienced Long Island slip and fall lawyer will also take advantage of many different sources of evidence in order to support their client's case. The one thing that all these sources have in common is that they do not last forever. Consider evidence such as:

  • Memories of witnesses that eventually start to fade or change over time

  • Surveillance footage may be deleted or even recorded over

  • Important documents can be mistakenly thrown away and even misplaced

To obtain the best results, lawyers need to be able to start with a client's case soon after the accident so that the evidence is still intact for them to build a strong and compelling case.

The Insurance Company

Normally, the insurance company of the party liable will pay for whatever damages have been suffered. Most of the time, the company is reluctant to offer a settlement at an appropriate amount. It may even try to reduce the amount payable by:

  • Asserting that its client did not behave in a way that was negligent

  • Asking for a recorded statement that it will scrutinize for omissions, statements, and discrepancies that can be used against the victim

  • Asserting that regardless of whether the client behaved negligently, the victim was also negligent, and it was their behavior that resulted in the accident.

To preempt and refute the above claims, the lawyers at the Law Office of Carl Maltese will collect evidence to prove that the negligence of a liable party was directly responsible for the victim's suffering. A property owner can exhibit negligence in many ways, such as:

  • Allowing tree roots, grass, and other foliage to overgrow

  • Not applying rock salt before a winter storm occurs or not promptly shoveling snow

  • Not promptly cleaning up any spills or debris

  • Allowing dangerous and broken walkways to remain in a poor condition

  • Failing to post necessary warning signs about or barricade around very obvious hazards

How to Contact The Law Office of Carl Maltese for Help with Slip and Fall Cases

It can be very frightening for someone to suffer slip and fall injuries, but they are not alone. Anyone who is a resident of Suffolk County in Long Island should call the Law Office of Carl Maltese for help in pursuing a slip and fall claim.

These lawyers want to help their clients fight for the justice they so rightfully deserve by recovering maximum compensation. Victims should call or text (631) 857-3703 today or complete the free case evaluation form available on this firm's website to book a free legal consultation with these experienced slip and fall lawyers.

Victims May be Entitled to Compensation Even if They Contributed to Their Injuries

Victims May be Entitled to Compensation Even if They Contributed to Their Injuries

Sometimes, not all injuries will be found to be solely the fault of a property owner. It can be a case where the victim's own actions also contributed to their injury in one way or another.

However, the law states that even those who are found to have contributed to their injuries still may be entitled to financial recovery. Thus, it is very important that victims do not disregard their case because they assume it won't be heard or successful.

Other Suffolk County Practice Areas

Carl Maltese's Other Personal Injury Practice Areas

There are many different incidents, apart from a slip and fall, that can result in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. The lawyers at the Law Office of Carl Maltese also have experience in many other personal injury practice areas like:

  • Car accidents

  • Construction accident

  • Pedestrian and sidewalk accidents

  • Truck accidents

  • Wrongful death cases


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