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Smithtown, NY, is a Residential hub

Residential Neighborhoods in Smithtown NY

Those who want to settle in Smithtown can find plenty of top-rated neighborhoods with the amenities and facilities needed in a residential area. Smithtown, NY, is one of the incredible places to live in New York that provides an enjoyable thrill for the residents. It has the safest and the best residential neighborhoods that cater to individuals’ needs and preferences. Smithtown also has schools, eateries, entertainment places and other essential facilities needed by residents. If you are setting up to settle in Smithtown, here are some of the residential neighborhoods you can select from: See more here.

Village of the branch

This village of the branch is one of the best places to settle your family. The residential neighborhood has plenty of amenities needed, such as schools, hospitals, entertainment centers and eateries. In addition, it has minor crime rates, so it’s a safe neighborhood. If you are interested in settling in New York, Village of the Branch is one of the best residential neighborhoods for you and your family. Read about Greenlawn, NY, Is A Kid-Friendly Town here.


Regarding the quality of life, fewer crime rates, housing disparity and availability of social amenities, Hauppauge ranks among the top residential places to settle in Smithtown. It is also one of the best places to live with your kids since it has an A+ rating for excellent schools.


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