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Smithtown, NY Is a Historical Area

Fun-filled Museums in Smithtown, NY

Smithtown is a historic town. You will find extreme joy in learning about the past and the activities of Smithtown in these museums. You can also explore the endless choices of landmarks and have a memorable tour in Smithtown. Learn more here.

The top museums to visit in Smithtown include:

The Long Island Museum

As one of the top-rated museums in Smithtown, The Long Island Museum dedicates itself to enhancing accessibility, strengthening awareness, and igniting the appreciation of the town's history, art and culture. They achieve this through having innovative educational programs, dynamic exhibitions, and creative community engagement. You can also enjoy the museum's vibrant collection that celebrates the Smithtown region's richness. Learn more about Smithtown, NY a Well Established Residential Area.

Smithtown Historical Society

Smithtown Historical Society is an expansive historical place that provides a family-friendly and unique Smithtown destination that portrays the rich heritage of Smithtown. It's also often called "Smithtown's hidden gem," preserving local history for the future, hence significantly generating pride and prestige among Smithtown's peers and residents. You can visit the museum to gain educational and historical insight into Smithtown's people.


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