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Smithtown Bus Accident Lawyer

Many people in the Smithtown area depend on public transit like the bus system to get from place to place safely and affordably. Although a bus is large and sturdy, that does not make you immune from serious injury on the road. When you sustain bodily harm, an experienced Smithtown catastrophic injury lawyer is ready to assist you.

If you were in a major accident on a bus, you might find yourself in a challenging financial situation with mounting medical bills and a reduced income. A Smithtown bus accident lawyer could help you present an injury claim to recover the compensation you are entitled to.

Who is Liable for a Bus Accident?

Who is Liable for a Bus Accident?

Depending on the cause of a bus accident, several parties may be potentially liable for injuries. It is essential to include all potentially liable parties in a claim because they may try to shift blame to others, especially those who are not included in a case. Some of the typical parties who are responsible for a bus accident include:

  • Bus companies and employers: The company that owns the bus may be held responsible if they fail to hire qualified employees, provide adequate training and supervision, safely build and regularly inspect the buses, and make timely repairs.

  • Bus operators: Buses are defined as common carriers, so the operators can be held personally liable for injuries if they act negligently with their increased level of responsibility to the passengers.

  • Bus manufacturers and retailers: Companies that manufacture and sell buses or safety equipment may be found liable if they fail to ensure that the vehicles are safe and without defects.

  • Other drivers: An injured individual passenger could recover from another driver or bicyclist involved in the accident if they are found responsible.

  • Pedestrians or other bus occupants: In some cases, a pedestrian or passenger may be liable for a bus accident if they engage in conduct that causes a crash.

Under New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 1411, New York permits an injured individual to potentially recover damages from all parties who are in some way responsible for the bus crash. A Smithtown bus crash lawyer could help determine the cause of the incident and hold the relevant parties to account.

What Determines Bus Accident Injury Compensation?

When an individual sustains an injury in a bus crash, they face many financial impacts from medical expenses and treatment costs, along with any property damaged in the accident. Additionally, they may suffer from lost wages due to missed time at work and a decreased earning capacity if potential work in the future becomes unclear. These types of damages can be reasonably calculated and make up what is known as economic damages, which generally have a fixed value.

Non-economic damages go beyond the financial impacts and compensate for losses such as pain and suffering, mental distress, and anguish that an injured individual experiences following a bus accident. These damages may be difficult to calculate, so insurance companies take a much tougher stance on combating them.

Insurance companies may try to downplay a plaintiff’s injuries, and dispute treatment or the pain and suffering endured throughout the process. In Smithtown, a bus accident attorney knows how to negotiate effectively with insurance companies and fight for an injured individual’s best interests.

Learn How a Smithtown Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

We trust the bus operators, employers, and manufacturers to ensure that all aspects of the vehicle are safe. However, when one of these parties fails to hold up their responsibilities to passengers, a Smithtown bus accident lawyer is standing by to help hold them accountable for their negligence. Speak with a Long Island personal injury attorney today to help determine your legal options going forward. For cases related to burn injuries, we also have a burn injury lawyer in Smithtown to aid you.


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