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Side-Impact Car Accidents In Smithtown

Side-impact car accidents in Smithtown have the potential to change every part of your life. Naturally, they result in severe physical injuries, but you might experience the aftermath of these events in changes to your mental health and lost income. Any driver who is at fault for an accident is liable for providing compensation to the affected persons. Even so, the burden lies on the plaintiff to prove responsibility for an accident, as well as to show how the event had changed their lives.

A tough car accident attorney could take the lead in pursuing fair compensation after side-impact car accidents in Smithtown. This includes performing a full investigation concerning the incident and evaluating how these crashes have changed your life.

Common Reasons and Consequences of Side-Impact Car Collisions

Common Reasons and Consequences of Side-Impact Car Collisions

Side-impact car crashes are among the most common that occur in Smithtown and refers to any collision where a person’s vehicle receives an impact on the side panel. This may result from a T-bone-style crash in an intersection or situations where a driver does not check blind spots before changing lanes.

As a result of these collisions, the resulting injuries tend to affect a person’s arms, shoulders, legs, and neck. Typical examples of physical injuries following side impact car crashes include:

  • Broken bones

  • Whiplash

  • Separated joints

  • Spinal cord damage

  • Concussions

These incidents can impact more than just a person’s physical wellbeing. They might also lower an individual’s overall quality of life and jeopardize their ability to return to work. The subsequent demand for compensation must take every loss into account when seeking out fair payments.

Demonstrating Fault Following Side-Impact Car Crashes

There is no doubt that side-impact car accidents in Smithtown have the potential to devastate people’s lives. However, the impact of these incidents and the extent of people’s losses are meaningless without considering which party is at fault for the crash. To collect proper compensation following a crash, it is always necessary to prove that another driver was the primary cause of the incident.

A lawyer’s first job is to help injured people prove this concept. A driver could be to blame for a side-impact car crash due to a failure to follow the rules of the road. These can include running red lights, not using turn signals, or texting while driving. In other situations, a driver is to blame for a collision because of simple carelessness or due to drunk driving. Hiring an attorney allows them to take the lead in proving fault for side-impact car collisions in Smithtown.

An attorney could also pursue the case within the applicable time limits. New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 214 says that plaintiffs may have as few as three years after a car crash to seek out compensation for their losses. A Smithtown no-fault claims lawyer could work to meet this essential deadline.

Reach Out to an Attorney Today to Discuss Your Side-Impact Car Accident in Smithtown

Side-impact car crashes, such as other accidents like rear-end car accidents in Smithtown, have the potential to change every part of a person’s life. Not only can they result in harsh physical injuries, but the events can also cause severe emotional anguish and keep you off the job for the foreseeable future. Whether the accident involved a T-bone collision or a sideswipe, if another driver was to blame, then you deserve full compensation for your losses.

Speaking with Smithtown car accident attorneys could help you acquire this compensation after a side-impact car accident in Smithtown. An attorney could take the lead in performing an investigation into the crash, determining a fair value for the case, and demanding proper payments in or out of court.


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