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Seeking Thrills: Amusement Parks and Other Attractions in Smithtown, NY

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Smithtown is a vibrant city that boasts a wide variety of thrilling amusement parks and attractions that offer residents and visitors a great way to enjoy some fun, adventure, and excitement. From thrilling roller coasters to unique water parks, Smithtown has something to offer everyone seeking thrills. Learn information about Smithtown, NY.

Raging Rapids Park is one of Smithtown's premier amusement parks. With its dozens of roller coasters and other rides, Raging Rapids park has something for thrill-seekers. Plus, the park is surrounded by a lake that allows visitors to cool off during the summer. Adventurous visitors can partake in kayaking and tubing on the lake. Discover facts about Wine and Dine in Smithtown, NY: Local Wineries and Their Signature Tastings.

For those looking for a unique experience close to nature, Smithtown also offers Crazy Animal Adventure. This popular animal park features everything from zoos and safaris to thrilling roller coasters and other attractions. Visitors can get a feel for what the wild animal encounters are like and maybe even have a close encounter with a wild animal.

Another great attraction is Slide N Dive. This waterpark features a variety of exciting slides, pools, and attractions. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of going down a slide or swimming in the pool while cooling off on hot summer days.

Visitors will have plenty of amusement parks and other attractions when seeking thrills in Smithtown. Whether it’s the thrilling roller coasters of Raging Rapids, the animal encounters of Crazy Animal Adventure, or the water slides of Slide N Dive, Smithtown has something for everyone looking for a thrilling experience.


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