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Who's at Fault in Rollover Accidents? - How to Avoid Personal Injury Claims

A car flipping onto its side or roof is a rollover accident. Drivers involved in rollover collisions may be held accountable for any injuries they cause.

In most cases, a rollover accident will be the motorist's responsibility whose reckless behavior caused the collision. These careless behaviors take many different shapes. A number of other sorts of evidence can also be utilized to demonstrate that another motorist was at fault.

Victims should get assistance claiming the financial compensation they are entitled to if they were wounded in a rollover accident.

Identifying At-fault Drivers After a Rollover Accident

Identifying At-fault Drivers After a Rollover Accident

The accident will be deemed to have been caused or contributed to by another driver's negligent driving. Plaintiffs in any claim seeking damages for injuries sustained in rollover accidents must prove the following things true:

  • The plaintiff owes the defendant driver a duty of care.

  • Due to the defendant's carelessness, the cars crashed.

  • Because of the defendant's negligence, the plaintiff suffered harm.

  • Due to the harm the plaintiff experienced, they suffered damages.

Drivers must drive their cars safely and comply with all traffic regulations, including the posted speed limit. Therefore, those who fail to exercise reasonable care commit various negligent acts.

What Is a Rollover Crash?

A collision that causes an automobile to go over on its side or roof is known as a rollover. Trucks, vans, and SUVs are among the vehicles that are most prone to rolling over. Additionally, many drivers have rollovers due to their tires colliding with curbs, ditches, and other obstacles during collisions. Fortunately, reckless drivers can be held accountable for any rollover accident caused by them. Aside from rollovers, trucks can also cause jackknife accidents, in which many often wonder who is at fault in a jackknife accident.

Examples of Negligent Actions that Cause Rollover Crashes

There are numerous different ways that carelessness can result in rollover accidents that can end up in serious injury. Victims of accidents resulting from any of the following reasons can receive assistance and support from The Law Office of Carl Maltese and its accident attorneys:

Drunk Driving

Rollover accidents are frequently the result of intoxicated drivers driving their cars. Drunk drivers will have trouble controlling their vehicles and having clear vision. It is an activity that is inherently risky. Drunk drivers may cause rollover collisions by slamming into another car or inducing another vehicle to swerve to avoid a collision.


Rollover collisions are frequently the result of speeding drivers. Cars are difficult to handle at high speeds. Furthermore, if the automobiles in front of them slow down, drivers going at excessive speeds may have problems stopping in time. Our best truck accident lawyers in Long Island may look into whether a driver's speed contributed to the crash.

Distracted Driving

Another frequent kind of irresponsibility by at-fault drivers in a rollover car accident is distracted driving. Drivers might get mentally, mechanically, or visually distracted. Drivers are more likely to drift out of their lanes, make bad turns, and ignore traffic signals when they are preoccupied, Furthermore, if the driver isn't not wearing their seat belt, it can cause fatalities.

Illegal Lane Changes

Drivers at fault frequently engage in careless behavior, such as improper lane changes. Severe rollover accidents can happen when drivers don't employ turn signals or try to change lanes in an unapproved area. These collisions frequently occur on highways because they often see fast lane changes. If an incorrect lane change resulted in a rollover accident that harmed the plaintiff, they might be entitled to financial compensation.

Reckless Driving

Driving recklessly is when a driver operates a vehicle while disregarding the possibility of causing significant harm or death due to a car accident. This could include, for instance, speeding along the shoulder of a motorway during rush hour. Additionally, drivers that drag race on public highways will be seen as careless drivers. Another frequent factor in rollover collisions is careless driving. In order to get assistance on their path to recovery, victims of such incidents can contact our knowledgeable automobile accident attorneys.

Proving Who Is at Fault for Rollover Crashes

Proving Who Is at Fault for Rollover Crashes

Plaintiffs must demonstrate liability on the part of defendants in order to win a rollover accident claim. In order to carry out this duty, a variety of evidence types are employed. Our car accident attorneys frequently use the following forms of evidence against insurance companies.

Surveillance Footage

Surveillance film from traffic and private security cameras can be quite useful when establishing that another driver was at fault for the rollover accident. Videos taken by cameras around the crash site may be used to describe what happened before, during, and after the collision. However, it could be challenging to find pertinent footage.

Our staff can assist in getting copies of any security video that will be helpful in the litigation.

Rollover accident liability is also established using images from the site. Theories on what causes a rollover crash can be supported or refuted using photos taken at the scene. During a free assessment of the case, our auto accident attorneys may assist in reviewing any images taken at the site of the accident.

Eyewitness Statements

Another typical form of evidence used to determine who is at fault for rollover collisions is eyewitness testimony.

A witness may confirm that the defendant struck the plaintiff's automobile after running a red light. In that situation, the witness's testimony may be used to support the defendant's guilt concerning the in-question collision.

Witnesses may provide written or spoken testimony.

The plaintiff should always try to get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to their rollover accident.

When requesting their cooperation, our attorneys can be of assistance.

Bottom Line

Car accidents can be tragic! In order to find the best car accident attorney for a rollover car accident, people should consider contacting The Law Office of Carl Maltese.

A car accident claim is quite a hassle to deal with, especially when the plaintiff has to care for their rollover accident injuries, such as brain injuries caused by the car crash.

Therefore, our lawyers provide a free legal consultation to determine fault and seek compensation from the insurance company to all of our clients.

A claims adjuster from an insurance company usually pressures the car accident victim to accept the initial offer, but if the victim gets a car accident attorney and reads several car accidents blog posts, they should be ready to face most insurance companies.


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