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What Is a Major Cause of Death in Motorcycle Accidents? | Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury

Every time motorcycle riders get onto the road, they are exposing themselves to a far greater risk of serious injuries or death than any other road users.

Most fatal motorcycle accidents result in the death or serious injury of the motorcyclists while the drivers of the other vehicles can walk away without a scratch.

Motorcycle accident victims usually suffer some of the most horrific and fatal injuries witnessed on the highways of New York.

When this occurs, the motorcycle accident victim has the right to sue the at-fault party for damages caused by their negligence.

With the right wrongful death attorney in Long Island in their corner, families of victims of a fatal motorcycle accident can walk away with a huge settlement for the wrongful death of their loved one.

The Law Office of Carl Maltese is ready to assist victims of motorcycle crashes to receive the compensation they deserve.

Key Risk Factors in Motorcycle Crashes

Key Risk Factors in Motorcycle Crashes

Death in motorcycle accidents occurs mainly because of a few risk factors that are unique to motorcyclists. The following are the three most common causes of motorcycle accidents in New York:

Limited Braking

The combination of the type of braking system used on motorbikes and the limited surface area of the tire that is in contact with the road makes bringing the bike to a full and sudden stop very difficult.

While larger vehicles can manage a sudden stop from high speed without losing control, with a motorcycle, the rider will often find himself spinning out of control.

Considering the high speeds that some of these powerful bikes can reach, such a motorcycle accident can easily be fatal.

Reduced Control

Two-wheeled vehicles have a lot less control and stability than vehicles with four wheels. This means:

  • Motorcyclists are more likely to lose control and tip over than drivers of other motor vehicles.

  • Turning at high speed is a lot riskier when riding a motorcycle.

  • Riding a motorcycle in bad weather increases the risk of fatal motorcycle accidents.

  • Defects on the road, such as potholes, will affect motorcyclists a lot more than the driver of a car.

Lack of Rider Protection

Perhaps, the most important factor that causes fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents is that the riders have very little protection. In a collision with a motor vehicle, motorcycle riders will usually receive the worst injuries.

While wearing helmets and other protective gear helps to protect motorcycle riders from sustaining severe injuries, this cannot be compared to the safety enjoyed by motor vehicle drivers.

Three Common Injuries in Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Most fatal motorcycle crashes have the following three types of injuries in common:

Head Injuries

A head injury is one of the worst types of injuries that can occur in a motorcycle accident. In cases where the rider was not wearing a helmet, such a severe injury can easily result in the death of the driver.

Severe head injuries often result in serious conditions, such as bleeding or swelling of the brain. If such a head injury goes undetected, as is often the case in those that do not seek medical treatment, death caused by severe brain injury is the likely result.

Neck Injuries

Another fatal injury that is common when motorcycle accidents occur is a neck injury. In cases where the neck injury has been caused by whiplash after the biker was hit by another vehicle, it can be accompanied by very serious spinal cord injuries.

In such circumstances, even if death is not the result, the victim is likely to be partially or completely paralyzed.

Internal Bleeding

Another dangerous type of motorcycle accident injury that often goes unnoticed is internal bleeding. A motorcycle accident can result in the internal organs being severely damaged.

Symptoms of internal bleeding include bruising, headaches, nausea, pain at the injured site, and pale, clammy, sweaty skin.

What Is a Major Cause of Death in Motorcycle Accidents? - Traumatic Brain Injury

By far, the most common cause of death in motorcycle accidents is a severe injury to the brain tissue, also known as traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Blunt trauma to the brain can result in brain death. Victims do not usually survive such catastrophic injuries.

While universal motorcycle helmet laws advocating for motorcycle safety are in place to protect riders from suffering traumatic brain injuries, these still happen, and are the causes of motorcycle accident fatalities across the country.

When head trauma causes severe bleeding and swelling in the brain, a lot of serious complications will arise, often culminating in serious brain damage and death.

What makes traumatic brain injuries so deadly is that the symptoms are not only difficult to diagnose but often do not show up immediately after the motorcycle crash.

It is common for victims of motorcycle accidents to walk away feeling fine only to collapse and die some days later.

The following are some of the common symptoms of traumatic brain injury that victims need to know:

  • Loss of consciousness

  • Fatigue

  • Persistent headache that usually worsens

  • Hypersensitivity to light

  • Vomiting or nausea

  • Inability to awaken from sleep

  • Convulsions or seizures

  • Clear fluids draining from the nose or ears

  • Dilation of one or both pupils of the eyes

Complications Associated With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Complications Associated With Traumatic Brain Injuries

If left untreated, traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents. However, even when treated, the victims may suffer a wide range of complications, such as:

  • Mood swings and personality changes

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Degenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease

  • Cognitive disorders

  • Sensory issues, such as double vision or poor sense of taste and smell

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Whether or not there are visible skull fractures or injuries to the head, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is the first step that all victims of motorcycle accidents must remember to take. The Law Office of Carl Maltese can also answer questions like, "What causes motorcycle death wobble?"

Only after being cleared by the doctor can victims consider taking other steps, such as:

  • Taking pictures of the accident scene

  • Finding witnesses

  • Hiring a reliable personal injury lawyer

Victims injured in motorcycle accidents caused by another driver's negligence are entitled to receive damages for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, wrongful death, and other losses. The Law Office of Carl Maltese is here to help victims receive the compensation they deserve.


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