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Front-End Car Accidents In Smithtown

It is easy to presume that if your car suffers damage on the front-end then you are to blame for a collision. However, the law never presumes fault following an accident and a qualified car accident attorney could help you collect compensation for your losses.

Front-end car accidents in Smithtown are a common source of personal injuries. They can require extensive medical care, as well as negatively affect your quality of life and ability to earn a living. Because of this, it is important to approach these cases with an open mind and a commitment to do what it takes to protect your legal rights. Speaking with a lawyer following a front-end collision could help you better understand the law and take appropriate legal action to seek out the compensation that you deserve.

Common Reasons for Front-End Collisions

Common Reasons for Front-End Collisions

Most people operate on the presumption that a trailing car is always to blame for a crash. However, situations do exist where a leading car carries responsibility by coming to a sudden, unexpected stop or by not having brake lights that work.

Because of these dynamics, it is important to keep the state’s law concerning comparative negligence in mind. Under New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 1411, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties to an accident and assign blame accordingly. This means that a defendant may argue that a tailing driver was tailgating or participating in other careless activities that contributed to an accident.

Other front-end collisions are the product of drivers going the wrong way down one-way streets or drivers improperly backing out of parking spots. Hiring an attorney could help ensure that a front-end car accident in Smithtown receives the full attention that it requires.

Protection from Overaggressive Insurance Companies

Most injuries and related losses that result from front-end car accidents in Smithtown will seek out payments from an at-fault driver’s insurance policy. These can include compensation to cover the costs of medical care, emotional traumas, and lost wages. The insurance companies will fight to protect their profits and their insureds. Working with Smithtown car accident lawyers could help someone defend their claims against common insurance company tactics. The same goes for those who get involved in rear-end car accidents in Smithtown.

Once a plaintiff hires an attorney, the insurance company can no longer contact that person directly. This helps a lawyer control the flow of information and retain the upper hand in the case. In addition, a lawyer assists parties when the time comes to submit an official statement regarding the collision. These statements often form the basis for a first settlement offer. Finally, an attorney could draft and submit demand letters that lay out a plaintiff’s case, and seek a concrete dollar figure to bring the case to a close. Experienced legal counsel could help individuals with the details involved in pursuing a claim and fight back against aggressive insurance company tactics.

Seek Compensation Help from an Attorney After a Front-End Car Accident in Smithtown

The fact that your vehicle suffers an impact on the front end is never direct proof of who is to blame for a collision. It is necessary to evaluate each car crash independently to obtain a full picture of the incident. Because of this, people who suffer injuries after a front-end car accident in Smithfield should act quickly to protect their legal rights. Whether you are involved in no-fault or drunk driving car accidents in Smithtown, it is important to have a lawyer by your side.

Reaching out to an attorney is the best way for you to achieve this goal. An attorney could explain the relevant laws, fully investigate the crash, and evaluate how the incident has changed your life. With this information, they act to protect your legal rights during talks with insurance companies or while in court.


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