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What Happens When a Driver Hits Someone on a Motorcycle in NY?

Compared with passenger cars, two-wheelers are less visible and less stable. That's why motorcycle accidents are frequent on the streets of New York.

In addition, motorcyclists are more likely to be killed or suffer permanent injuries and property losses when they are hit by another larger motor vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents are often tragic and visually traumatic, causing at-fault parties to panic and make poor decisions.

However, one thing all drivers need to ask themselves is what would happen if they hit a person on a motorcycle in New York. Below are all the aspects worth knowing.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in New York

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in New York

According to The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT)'s latest reports, only 2% of registered vehicles in New York are motorcycles, but motorcyclists account for at least 14% of traffic fatalities.

The same study found that most motorcycle injury cases involve other vehicles rather than only the motorcyclist.

In simple terms, the numbers indicate that even if the rider and the other vehicles' drivers take the necessary precautions, motorcycle accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, knowing what would happen and what to do when a driver hits someone on a motorcycle is essential.

Injuries That a Motorcyclist Can Suffer in an Accident

Additionally, motorcycle accidents can be dangerous and cause severe or disabling injuries.

Motorcyclists have less physical protection against a crash than car drivers. Therefore, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries such as fractures, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, muscle damage, or spinal cord injuries.

Other common injuries motorcyclists usually sustain after accidents or crashes include paralysis, facial fractures, burns, and disfigurement. In addition, the most serious motorcycle incidents can end in death or permanent disability.

Common Causes Behind Motorcycle Accidents

The main causes of motorcycle accidents include pure negligence. Although many car drivers argue that they did not see the motorcycle approaching when they hit it, New York law requires motorists to be extremely careful while driving.

However, in many cases, drivers do not follow traffic regulations, do not take the necessary precautions, or commit negligent actions that cause accidents. The most commons are:

Lane Splitting

Some US states consider splitting lanes legal, while others do not. In either case, drivers should be cautious and check both sides of the road before changing lanes to avoid hitting a motorcyclist.

Switching Lanes

Drivers are required to check blind spots every time they maneuver to verify that a motorcyclist is not approaching. However, many forget to check the sides before changing lanes, hitting two-wheelers, or causing riders to crash into other vehicles or objects.

Making Turns

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers colliding with a two-wheeler when making a turn.

Since motorcycles are smaller, car drivers often don't see them coming. However, New York's law requires drivers to be extremely careful when making turns and to check that a motorcyclist is not approaching to avoid T-bone accidents.

Rear End Collisions

Although motorcycles and cars have tail lights, some riders and drivers can misjudge the distance and hit the vehicle in front of them.

These accidents often result in serious injuries. Therefore, all car drivers are encouraged to avoid sudden braking and keep enough distance from motorcycles to stop safely.

What Should a Driver Do If They Accidentally Hit Someone on a Motorcycle?

If a driver hits a motorcyclist, the first thing they should do is move the vehicle to a safe place to avoid another collision and call the police immediately.

The at-fault parties of the accident must also help the motorcyclists and make sure they are safe.

Documenting the scene and collecting evidence, if possible, is also important. It will be necessary if the case escalates. Both parties should also contact their insurers to report the accident. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney in Long Island for help regarding your case.

What Can Personal Injury Attorneys Do?

A person hit while driving a car or riding a motorcycle has the right to seek legal help and fight for financial compensation if they have suffered injuries or material losses.

The Law Office of Carl Maltese's legal team is ready to provide legal assistance to motorcyclists or drivers who have been injured in traffic accidents. Contact us and get a free consultation today!


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