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Commack Truck Accident Lawyer

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Countless tractor-trailers pass through Commack and the rest of Long Island every year, ferrying millions of dollars’ worth of goods to various stores, warehouses, and facilities across the region. While most of those trips proceed without any problems, a single reckless or careless act by a truck driver has the potential to cause substantial physical, financial, and personal harm to other people on the road.

If you were seriously injured because a trucker, the company they work for, or some other third party caused a wreck involving a commercial truck, you should consider contacting a Commack truck accident lawyer and discussing your options for financial recovery. Negligent truck drivers and owners can be held liable for damages they cause through their own misconduct. A knowledgeable Long Island truck accident attorney’s support could be crucial to achieving a positive resolution to your unique claim.

Establishing Fault for Truck Crash Injuries

Establishing Fault for Truck Crash Injuries

Thanks to the state of New York’s no-fault car insurance system, truck accidents in Commack do not always allow individuals involved to file suit over ensuing injuries and losses. Generally, litigation is only possible if an accident results in at least one “serious injury” like a broken bone, significant and permanent limitation of bodily function, or complete disability for a minimum of 90 days. Since commercial trucks are so much heavier and larger than the typical commuter car, these types of wrecks are more likely than most other types of traffic accidents to cause injuries severe enough to warrant a lawsuit.

A person who has grounds to pursue a personal injury claim over a truck accident must prove that at least one named defendant was legally negligent. This is typically the driver of the truck involved and their employer, but potentially includes third parties like mechanics, suppliers, and other drivers who may have contributed to causing a crash. Negligence in this context entails violating a duty to act reasonably under certain circumstances in a way that directly leads to an accident, and subsequently to injuries and compensable losses for someone to whom the defendant owed that duty.

Evidence in Truck Crashes

Many truck accident cases center around the report filed by responding police officers detailing who was involved in an incident, how it occurred, and which party or parties may have broken the law beforehand. Other relevant evidence that a Commack truck accident attorney could help collect and factor into a comprehensive claim include traffic camera and dashboard camera footage, debris and photos from the crash scene, eyewitness testimony, and documentation of driving time and rest periods maintained by the truck driver and/or company involved.

Deadlines for Pursuing Civil Litigation

No matter how compelling a prospective civil plaintiff’s case is, they cannot recover any compensation at all from an at-fault party if they fail to take action against them within a certain period of time. Under New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 214, most people who were harmed in a truck accident have a maximum of three years after sustaining injury to formally file suit over it.

There are limited exceptions to this rule, and between handling wreck-related injuries and the day-to-day challenges of compiling a strong civil case, three years can pass quickly. In light of that, it is almost always best to retain a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after a truck crash in Commack. They could immediately begin working on your claim and ensure you can effectively pursue the restitution you need within applicable deadlines.

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Get in Touch with a Commack Truck Accident Attorney Today

Truck crashes often cause immense and long-lasting losses that can wreak havoc on your financial and personal prospects. Recovering fair financial compensation after an incident like this could be key to preserving your interests now and for years to come.

A Commack truck accident lawyer could provide the assistance necessary to effectively pursue a fair case result in your specific circumstances. Call today for a private consultation.


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