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Commack Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

A nursing home is meant to take care of your loved ones with compassion and understanding. Sadly, some of them fail to do so, and some employees are negligent or intentionally abusive toward an elderly or disabled person. The violence that these vulnerable people can face is inexcusable, but may be rectified with a large financial settlement or verdict in your favor. Unscrupulous employees and negligent management should not get away with their poor behavior.

A Commack nursing home abuse lawyer could get to work on your behalf. Our team of reliable personal injury attorneys has years of experience in handling these kinds of cases and investigating what happened.

Identifying Nursing Home Abuse

Identifying Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a far too common occurrence. It comes in many forms and is often hard to discover until a great deal of harm has already been done. Staff members have been known to be careless or intentionally abusive of someone in their care, which can translate into medical negligence. The New York State Office for the Aging considers much of this conduct to be elder abuse, which can be a violation of state law, as well as a civil issue.

Exploitation and abuse of elderly individuals in nursing homes can take many forms. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional abuse and neglect

  • Financial exploitation

  • Sexual abuse

  • Passive neglect

  • Physical harm and injury

  • Isolation from family members

  • Unlawful confinement

  • Deprivation of needs, both negligent and intentional

When a resident suffers such harm, they are allowed to reach out to a Commack nursing home abuse attorney to get the help that they need and the compensation that they deserve.

Determining Negligence and the Standard of Care

The attorney in these cases is required to prove that the nursing home violated some standard of care with their actions – usually via medical or negligence standards. Ordinary negligence cases stem from the staff or management breaching a duty of reasonable care to the resident that causes them harm. Proving this negligence will require showing that the staff committed some act or omission that violated this standard of care.

A medical negligence claim requires there to be a breach of the medical standard of care. This standard will differ, depending on the medical care alleged to be negligent, as well as the particular circumstances of the alleged acts or omissions. This could potentially coincide with a medical malpractice case, but it is best to speak with a nursing facility injury lawyer in Commack first.

Compensation in Commack Nursing Home Cases

When a resident suffers abuse or neglect, they might be entitled to a significant financial award as a result of what they have endured. This might include:

  • Rehabilitation expenses

  • Future and past medical costs

  • Property damage or the return of stolen funds

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of consortium

  • Wrongful death

These damages, and possibly others, could be available in a properly proven case. The injured party should reach out to a Long Island injury attorney right away to begin documentation of the losses.

Schedule a Meeting with a Commack Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you or somebody you care about were hurt due to nursing home negligence, you deserve to know your rights and seek compensation for what you have been through. Nursing home staff often take advantage of elderly residents but you can seek to ensure they are held responsible. An experienced Commack nursing home abuse lawyer is here to assist you, so contact our office today.

Our firm also provides legal assistance for other types of cases, such as those who suffer from damages and injuries due to product defects. We have an experienced Commack defective products lawyer for the job. Furthermore, we also handle accident-related cases, such as pedestrian accidents. If you need legal aid, you can count on our Commack pedestrian accident lawyer to help you win your case.


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