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Commack Defective Products Lawyer

When a bad product injures a consumer, the manufacture of that product may be held accountable due to product liability. You have rights as a consumer and should not be subject to injury or the associated costs due to a defective product.

Fighting a manufacturer or large company without a seasoned personal injury attorney is a tall order for anyone. Contacting a Commack defective products lawyer could provide the leg up that you need to pursue a successful claim against the manufacturer.

What is Product Liability?

What is Product Liability?

Defective product-related injuries fall under the purview of product liability law. Manufacturers have a duty under the law to produce reasonably safe products that operate as intended without harming consumers. When a product ends up harming one or more of its consumers, its manufacturers may be held liable for the resulting injuries.

A product can be defective for several reasons. A defective product may result from a design defect, improper instructions or inadequate warnings, or a defect in the product’s manufacturing process. A defective products lawyer in Commack has experienced determining and proving the necessary conditions to handle a claim successfully.

In Commack, an injured party could recover compensation for their medical bills, lost income, future income, suffering due to pain, loss of consortium, and emotional anguish. However, a claim must be initiated within three years from the date of the injury.

For those who are suffering from severe or long-term injuries caused by defective products, you may seek the legal aid of a catastrophic injury lawyer in Commack.

Design Defects

A product that has a defective design is inherently dangerous. An example of this could be a blender equipped with a defective motor that does not start when the device is turned on but may engage when a consumer checks it or has turned it off. The blade itself may cause injury or even the loss of fingers.

This is the result of a poor design choice or miscalculation on behalf of the manufacturer. The resulting product could harm every customer because it is flawed, even when it is produced precisely within design specifications. An experienced attorney understands that additional defects can be introduced at other stages of a product’s development, construction, or assembly.

Manufacturing Defects

A product may have a reasonably safe design and still be produced in a fashion that results in some of the products being unreasonably dangerous. Many cases involving flaws in the manufacturing process result from poor quality control, the use of inappropriate or degraded materials, or damaged products packaged and sold along with undamaged goods.

Proving a manufacturing defect is often difficult. However, Long Island injury lawyers could examine the manufacturing or distribution process and gather the evidence necessary to build cases against the manufacturer when it is appropriate.

Warning Defects

It is the responsibility of every manufacturer to warn their consumers of foreseeable accidents or known dangers present in their product. When providing a conspicuous warning or set of instructions allows a consumer to avoid injury easily, but a company fails to provide such a warning, they will likely be on the hook for the resulting harm.

Even when instructions are provided, they must be legible and understandable to an average person. Determining if instructions and warnings were required, or were adequate enough, may need further examination from a lawyer.

Schedule a Consultation with a Commack Defective Product Attorney

Consumers deserve the peace of mind that the products they purchase, use, and rely on are reasonably safe and will not cause them harm. When a defective product causes you harm, you have a right to seek compensation.

A Commack defective products lawyer could analyze your claim and see it through to the end. Call our office today and schedule a consultation regarding how to proceed with your claim.

We can also provide legal services for those who suffer from elderly abuse in nursing homes—contact our Commack nursing home abuse lawyer for more details.


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