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Commack Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus drivers and their employers have an obligation to provide safe driving conditions and operate their vehicles reasonably. However, even when the negligence or recklessness of a bus driver or another party causes harm to someone, the injured parties may find that holding the responsible party accountable is difficult.

A Commack bus accident lawyer has experience fighting for people who were injured during bus accidents. Obtaining counsel from skilled Long Island car accident attorneys could be the key to overcoming the hurdles that hinder a successful claim.

Causes And Effects of Bus Accidents in Commack

Causes And Effects of Bus Accidents in Commack

Bus accidents can result from several different acts of negligence, including driver error on behalf of the bus driver or another motorist. Driver error can come from a driver being overly tired or under the influence of an intoxicant, including alcohol and various drugs. Furthermore, driver error can result from a bus driver diverting attention to a mobile device or merely ignoring traffic laws.

Additionally, bus wrecks could happen due to defective equipment or improper vehicle maintenance. Brake failure can quickly cause a bus driver to lose control and collide with another car, object, or pedestrian. Potential injuries to passengers or other motorists in a bus crash often include broken bones, back and neck injuries, traumatic brain jury, paralysis, and disfigurement.

When an incident is caused by poor hiring decisions or negligent vehicle maintenance, it may be prudent to obtain counsel from a Commack bus wreck lawyer to hold the bus company accountable.

Determining the Accountable Parties in a Bus Wreck

Litigation revolving around bus accidents can involve a large number of people due to the passenger capacity of a bus. Additionally, the cause of the accident can complicate the claim due to the inclusion of multiple defendants. Potential defendants in a bus accident case include the driver, bus company, separate negligent motorists, equipment manufacturers, and even government entities.

Furthermore, limited timing and extensive filing requirements for public buses in New York are other impediments for injured parties attempting to file a claim successfully. Having a knowledgeable and experienced bus accident lawyer in Commack is invaluable due to the complexity of public transportation accidents.

Damages Available to Injured Parties

Parties injured during a bus collision have many forms of compensation available to them. The past and future medical bills, costs of therapy, lost wages, reduced future earning potential, physical pain, mental anguish, and the loss of consortium are all recoverable. Most related out-of-pocket expenses might also be compensated.

Furthermore, if the bus driver was exceptionally reckless or the bus company’s failure to maintain their vehicles is egregious, punitive damages may be available. Punitive damages are rare in civil claims and are designed to punish the defendant and prevent repeat offenses.

Determining the full list of related costs or injuries that an injured party could receive compensation for might require the knowledge of a public transportation accident lawyer in Commack.

Let a Commack Bus Accident Attorney Represent You Today

Holding a bus driver and, in some cases, a bus company liable can be a challenge. Bus companies are protected by large insurance policies and the lawyers who represent them.

Fighting a team of lawyers armed with years of experience and knowledge is an unnecessary burden to bear alone. By contacting a dedicated Commack bus accident lawyer, you could increase the likelihood of a successful claim and be able to spend more time recovering instead of dealing with complex litigation. Call our office to schedule a consultation today.

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