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A Complete Guide to Car Seat Laws in NY

Road accidents are one of the major causes behind the death of residents of NY. With more than 300,000 collisions reported yearly by the Traffic Safety Statistical Repository, following the car seat laws has become a necessity of the day while driving. The team at the law office of Carl Maltese is here to present the right guidance and updated car seat laws for the residents of the state of NY.

What Are Car Seat Laws in NY?

What Are Car Seat Laws in NY?

Car seat laws in NY have been introduced to ensure safety and protect a child from any harm or injuries because of any accident. Using a proper seat for the child as per the body weight, height, and other specifications tends to reduce the chances of injury in a car accident by almost 75 to 80 percent compared to using a seat belt alone.

Car Seat Laws in New York

Several studies in New York have reported certain figures with seat belt compliance rates that are not particularly safe and, on the other hand, quite alarming. In 2018, reports showed that more than 90% of people are off the seat belt compliance, establishing stricter car seat laws.

Here is an easy guide to one and all car seat laws that are cautiously followed:

New York Car Seat Law

  • If the child is under the age of eight years, they must be restrained in an appropriate and proper child restraint system when riding in a motor vehicle.

  • Everyone traveling in the car must fasten or buckle up their seat belts.

NY Rear Facing Car Seat Law

As per the law, all children under two years must be restrained in an appropriate restraining system, which is a rear-facing car seat in the case of a car. After that, children are permitted to ride in the rear-facing car seat as per their desires and without any bars, but the limit of necessary restriction is deemed acceptable until two years.

NY Forward-facing Car Seat Law

When the child reaches the upper limit of the rear-facing car seat law, he/she becomes eligible to ride and travel in the forward-facing seat. There are no more restrictions and distinctions drawn between the rear-facing or forward-facing seat.

However, the NY state is still adamant on the proper awareness and abidance of the conditions laid. It includes understanding the required criteria fulfillment concerning the weight, height, and age limit.

Child Booster Seat Laws in NY

A booster seat comes into use after the child has attained the upper age limit for the forward-facing seat. The child is kept in the booster seat till the shoulder and lap belts have begun to fit properly. Overall, the age of the children falls between eight to 12 years old.

Leaving a Child in the Car Law in NY

The state of New York has a bill proposed in which leaving a child in the car would be illegal. However, there is no law existing as of now.

Taxi Car Seat Law in NY

  • The New York State demands all passengers to buckle up their seat belts despite their seating arrangement in the car, taxi, or any other vehicle.

  • If the passenger is under 16 and is unaccompanied by their parent or guardian, they are strictly required to buckle their seat. If not, the driver could receive a ticket consequently.

  • All taxis must abide by all the laws on child restraint in the car seat.

Other Car Seat Laws in NY

  • All the children under 13 will have to travel in the back seat only.

  • Bill S3155A stands clearly for all motor vehicles in New York state. It makes it completely illegal for the driver or any other adult to smoke in a car with a child passenger.

  • Public buses are exempted from the above laws.

Penalties for Violating the Car Seat Laws in NY

Going against the Car Seat laws in New York can lead people to some serious consequences depending on the severity of the offense and may call for some help from a Long Island car accident law firm:

  • People will be given a ticket charging a heavy penalty ranging between 25$ to 100$ depending on the severity and demand of the situation.

  • Three violation points will be added to the person’s driving credits and records. This can be done not just when their car does not meet the car seat requirements but also when they fail to restrain a child properly during their ride.


While these laws may be complex to understand at first, it’s vital for all drivers to study them so that they can avoid any problems with the law. Other than car seat laws, there are also bicycle helmet laws in NY that should be taken into consideration.

In case of any legal problems, hiring a legal firm for help will always be the best option.


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