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What Is a Blind Spot in a Car? – Determining Fault in New York Accidents

A blind spot is an area around a vehicle that the driver cannot directly observe. Such sites may occur on both sides of the car, in the front, or the rear. The size of the spots depends on the type of vehicle as well as the height of the driver's seat. In general, passenger cars have smaller blind spots than trucks or SUVs.

To avoid accidents, it is crucial for drivers to know how many blind spots their car has, to be aware of their vehicle's blind spots and to check them before changing lanes or making turns.

Blind Spot Accidents on Highways

How Blind Spot Accidents Take Place on Highways

Though they are not as widespread as other types of road mishaps, blind spot accidents frequently happen on highways. These accidents occur when a vehicle changes lanes and collides with another automobile that is already occupying that space.

All vehicles have blind spots, but they are especially large in the case of cargo trucks. It is essential to be aware of the dangers of such areas and know how to avoid them.

There are three main types of blind spot collisions:

  1. Sideswipe

  2. Merging

  3. Turning

Sideswipe collisions happen when one car drifts into another's lane, while merging collisions occur when two vehicles try to occupy the same space.

On the other hand, turning collisions happen when a car turns into oncoming traffic without indicating movements or slowing down.

Nearly 840,000 crashes are caused by head-on blind spot collisions every year. Although many people think of blind spot collisions as rear-end collisions, they are much more common. By learning where to put blind spot mirrors, these collisions can help to be avoided.

Determining Fault in a Blind Spot Accident

New York is a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents. This means that each driver's insurance company will pay for their injuries and damages after a car accident, regardless of who caused the accident.

When a car accident occurs, one of the first things that need to be decided is who was at fault. In many cases, it is clear who was to blame. If one driver ran a red light and crashed into another car, the one rushing would be liable for any damage caused. In other cases, who is at fault may not be immediately apparent.

To prove negligence, defendants must show that the other driver caused the collision first. The police report from the accident will also be helpful in proving fault.

Here, to seek compensation beyond the limits of the at-fault driver, the defendant must also prove that the accident resulted in serious injury, as defined by New York state law.

Insurance Companies Blind Spot Accidents

What Insurance Companies Can Do Following Blind Spot Accidents

After suffering an injury in a blind spot car accident, defendants may be wondering what the insurance company will try to prove.

Much of what an insurance company will do is poke holes in the case and try to shift some blame for the accident onto the victim instead.

If the insurance company can successfully do this, then it may be able to reduce the amount of money that it offers drivers for their injuries. The company will also argue that the injuries gained are minor or pre-existing conditions.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help Defendants

There are several ways in which a vehicle accident lawyer in Long Island can help defendants claim maximum compensation after a blind spot-related accident. These might include:

  • Reviewing the police report and accident reconstruction to look for errors.

  • Identifying all possible insurance coverage.

  • Investigating the accident to determine liable parties.

  • Working with medical providers to document the full extent of the injuries.

They can also help people by negotiating with the other driver's insurance company. Experienced car accident lawyers can help drivers understand the options available and how to pursue them.

Insurance companies often want to settle the case quickly and for as little money as possible. If someone was injured in a blind spot-related car accident, they should contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure they are getting the total value of the claim.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney in New York City

Victims may contact a professional blind spot accident lawyer from The Law Office of Carl Maltese for expert legal assistance at (631) 857-3703.


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