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Best Things to Do When you Visit Long Island

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Long Island is one of the largest islands in the US. It’s a home of beautiful white sand beaches and parks. That means you will always find something exciting to do, whether traveling solo or as a group. Smithtown, NY can be seen here.

Here are some of these things:

Long Island Aquarium

This is an Atlantis-themed aquarium with the largest living coral display in the western hemisphere. Apart from the 20k gallon display tank, the aquarium features a giant shark tank and many outdoor and indoor displays of the island and marine wildlife. Click here to read about Fun Things to Do in Long Island.

Children can enjoy an up-close experience thanks to the touch tanks and many interactive features such as selfies with sea lions, meal preparation for seals and meet-and-greet with penguins.

Fire Island

Miles of captivating beaches and small villages boarded by white-tailed deer, sand dunes and pristine wilderness are the things that make Fire Island a must-visit place.

Old Westbury Gardens

The place features the key attraction of the palatial Westbury House, flanked by rose gardens, sweeping lawns, serene ponds, lakes and water fountains. You can start by touring the machine and then stroll along the beautiful gardens.


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