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A Sneak Peek at Whisper the Bull, Smithtown's Newest Monument

Smithtown, NY, is home to a new statue that is turning heads. Whisper the Bull was erected this year as a monument to the town's agricultural history. Artist J. Seward Johnson created the 8-foot-tall bronze sculpture, which quickly became a popular tourist attraction. This blog post provides a sneak peek at the statue's significance to the town. The Statue of Whisper the Bull, Smithtown's newest monument, is finally complete! The 12-foot-tall bronze sculpture was created by local artist James Johnson and installed in front of the town hall on Main Street. It depicts a bull with its head down as if it were whispering secrets to the ground. Smithtown, NY can be seen here.

The idea for the statue came from Smithtown resident and business owner Mark DiNenna, who thought it would be a fun way to add some personality to the town. He commissioned Johnson to create the piece and raised money for its construction through private donations. Now that it's in place, Whisper the Bull has quickly become a beloved part of Smithtown's identity. The town's newest monument, a life-size bronze sculpture of a bull, was installed in front of Town Hall last week. Based on the real-life Whisper, a black Angus bull that lived on a local farm in the early 1900s, the statue has attracted attention from residents and visitors alike. Click here to read about A Day Out in Blydenburgh County Park, Smithtown, NY.


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