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Wine and Dine in Smithtown, NY: Local Wineries and Their Signature Tastings

Smithtown is known for its excellent wine; many visitors flock to the area to soak in the flavor and culture. Some numerous local wineries and destinations offer up a range of wine-tasting experiences. From the more laid-back wineries with smaller tasting rooms to the more established vineyards, Smithtown offers something for everyone. Learn more here.


For a more intimate experience, visit Arcadian Winery or Trio Estate Winery. These establishments offer a selection of craft wines onsite. Guests can enjoy a range of flavors, including Riesling, Zinfandel, and Pinot Noir. Wine tastings are conducted in the comfort of their indoor tasting rooms, seating areas, or outside. Learn more about Experience the Local Cuisine: The Best Dining and Takeout Spots in Smithtown NY.

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Here, guests can recline in a tasting room decorated with picturesque views of vineyards and sample multiple varietals ranging from dry reds to fruity whites. With various tasting options, such as pairing sessions with gourmet food and cheese, everyone can find something to enjoy.


Finally, the winery experience in the Smithtown area is only complete with a visit to Teco Winery. This vineyard specializes in hearty and robust red wines and offers an array of traditional and experimental mixes. Here, guests can enjoy tastings in a rustic outdoor setting with a selection of meals and snacks to complement the subtle flavors.


Whether it’s a local winery with a select number of vintages or a larger vineyard that offers more extensive pairing experiences, Smithtown has a little something for everyone. With an abundance of wineries and each one offering unique, signature tastings, visitors can truly indulge in a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience!

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