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A Look at Historical Landmarks and Museums in Smithtown, NY

Smithtown is home to a wealth of historical landmarks and museums that capture the rich history of this small New York town. From the Seely-Wright House to the Suffolk County Historical Museum, these destinations provide locals and tourists with a glimpse into the past. Learn information about Smithtown, NY.


The Seely-Wright House was built in 1720 and is the oldest surviving structure in Smithtown. Visitors can walk the grounds and tour the historic home inside, learning about the town's history and the stories of the house's original owners. Discover facts about Exploring the Great Outdoors in the Smithtown, NY Area: An Overview of All the Parks and Recreational Areas.

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The Suffolk County Historical Museum also offers a wealth of interesting artifacts from Smithtown's past. Located at the former St. James train station, the museum houses displays about local history and art. Exhibits include furniture, photographs, and documents that showcase the development of Smithtown through the years. The museum also includes a research library, which allows visitors to delve deeper into the area's past. 


Finally, the Smithtown Historical Society offers guided walking tours of the city, allowing participants to explore some of the more famous landmarks in the area. The historical society also hosts special events and lectures, providing deeper insight into Smithtown's storied past. Whether you're a visitor or a local looking to experience Smithtown's cultural and historical offerings, these landmarks and museums provide an educational and entertaining way to do so.

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