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What Is the Most Common Motorcycle Accident in NY? | Avoiding the Five Most Common Bike Crashes

As much as some people may love motorcycling, there is no denying that it is one of the most dangerous modes of traffic on the roads of New York. As motorbike manufacturers continually push their boundaries to produce faster machines, the lives of bikers are put in further danger.

Unfortunately for motorcyclists, when collisions occur between them and motor vehicles, it’s the biker who suffers the more severe injuries, including death in many cases. This is why it is important to be aware of the five common types of bike accidents discussed in this article.

New York Motorcycle Accident Statistics

New York Motorcycle Accident Statistics

To provide a better picture of how serious the issue of motorcycle accidents is in New York, here are a few important statistics:

  • Around 166 bikers die each year due to motorcycle accidents

  • Motorbikes account for 2% of registered New York vehicles but cause 14% of the total number of road accident fatalities

  • Almost all motorcycle fatalities are male riders

  • In most cases, both the biker and the motor vehicle driver are at fault in the accident

  • Most accidents occur in highly populated parts of the city

  • Males under the age of 35 account for 56% of fatalities

Five Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents

The following are the common types of bike accidents in New York:

1. Collisions With Left Turning Cars

Accidents caused by a car making a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle are the most common of all bike accidents, accounting for at least 42% of all collisions. The severity of the injuries associated with this type of accident depends on whether the motorcycle was going straight through the intersection, overtaking, or trying to pass the car.

Therefore, the best way to avoid this type of accident is for bikers to be alert at all times by keeping a look out for indicators, knowing when most trucks are on the road, and other signs of the other driver’s intentions. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident that was at no fault of your own, Long Island motorcycle accident lawyers at The Law Office of Carl Maltese can help.

2. Lane Switching Accidents

When a motorcyclist is riding very close to another car while in their blind spot, they may end up being crashed into when the car tries to switch lanes. This type of accident can be severe if the vehicles are traveling at high speeds and the rider falls, but in the majority of cases, it is similar to a side-swipe collision.

Bikers need to make sure they are riding as far away from other vehicles as possible while staying within view of the rearview mirrors.

3. Head-on Collisions

Whenever a head-on collision occurs, the consequences are always severe, especially when high speeds are involved and one of the vehicles is a motorcycle. While these types of crashes are not as common as collisions with left-turning cars, head-on collisions are often fatal for the biker because they are so exposed compared to other drivers.

The following tips are useful when avoiding head-on collisions:

  • Reading the road ahead

  • Reducing speed

  • Staying to the right of the road

  • In case of emergency, it is better to ride off the road

4. Accidents Caused by Intoxication

Riding while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another major cause of bike accidents, especially in riders under the age of 35. Records show that 30% of accidents in 2014 involved a motorcyclist with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit.

This type of accident can be avoided by not drinking before getting on a bike or looking for alternative means of transport after having taken a few drinks.

5. High-Speed Motorcycle Accidents

One of the main reasons that people buy motorbikes is because they can get a chance to travel very fast. This is why in more than a third of all motorcycle accidents, the riders were reported to have been traveling at high speeds. Riders should always try to stay within the speed limits.

Importance of Calling a Good Lawyer

Motorcycle accident injuries can be very serious, for example, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, burns, disfigurement, lacerations, and road rash. These injuries may require extensive medical treatment which may cost the victim a lot of money.

To cover these unforeseen expenses, victims need a good lawyer to help them receive the compensation they deserve. With the help of the experienced attorneys of the Law Office of Carl Maltese, victims can walk away with millions in damages.


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