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Exciting Things to Do in the Long Island

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Long Island offers many more exciting things than what you see in the media. For instance, many beaches and parks along with the city sprawl. The museums and shopping malls are also plentiful. History is well preserved in colonial lighthouses, old homes and well-maintained estates. There is also a lot of glamor to enjoy. From the world-class vineyard to aquariums, you will create fond memories here. Learn information about Smithtown, NY.

Some of the things to do in Long Island include:

Spending Quality time at Jones Beach State Park

Because Long Island is home to over 6 miles of beautiful coastline, most of its attractions revolve around beaches, and Jones Beach state park is one of them. You can shop at the nearby stores and stalls, eat at diners and cafes, play mini-golf and other games at the entertainment centers, or enjoy an outdoor concert at the amphitheater. Discover facts about Exciting Things to Do in Long Island.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is one of the best places you can't find in travel brochures. Even when you ask around, everyone will tell you this is the place to find the most delicious pizza in Long Island. They serve different types of pizza, such as sizzling cheese and hearty meats. Other meals include salad paninis, cheesecakes and garlic bread.


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