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Commack Slip And Fall Lawyer

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

People have been known to get seriously injured by slipping and falling. The impact can break bones, damage your spinal cord, or cause traumatic brain damage. In especially serious incidents, a person could even be killed by this fall. When a property owner’s negligence is to blame for the accident, you may be entitled to a significant financial award for your various losses.

Speak to Long Island slip and fall lawyers to seek compensation from a negligent property owner. Do not let them off the hook. You have a right to pursue compensation with help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Who May be Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Who May be Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident is not always someone else’s fault but there are important instances when it is. When the fall is caused by another person’s negligence, the injured party has a right to hold them accountable. The plaintiff and their attorney must determine exactly how the accident occurred and how the negligent party’s conduct was the primary cause. These important aspects of a slip and fall claim are crucial to a successful case.

Proving these aspects of the case are based primarily on state premises liability law. A person who visits another’s property generally has the rights to reasonable protections by the property owner. This is especially true of business invitees—that is, those who go to a business to shop or utilize services. Property owners usually have an obligation to warn of known dangers and to reasonably inspect their structure or land for unknown dangers. A slip and fall attorney in Commack could utilize what they know of these laws to prove liability on the part of a property owner or manager.

How Slip and Fall Injuries Occur

Serious slip and fall injuries can occur almost anywhere but they are especially common when visiting a business or other public area. This might be a grocery store, public park, big-box store, government building, or many other locations. Most visitors are considered to be invitees and are owed a significant duty of care by the property owner. Some property owners violate this standard of care by failing to address these causes of harm. These might include hazards like:

  • Uneven entryways or staircases

  • Slippery substances on a floor

  • Holes or protrusions in a floor

  • Electrical or chemical dangers

  • Missing or broken railings

  • Unsecured rugs, mats, or carpets

  • Broken sidewalks or pavement

  • Deck or balcony collapses

There are many different hazards beyond those listed above that pose a risk for visitors. If something on the property caused the slip and fall, the injured person should call a Commack attorney right away.

Filing a Slip and Fall Claim in Time

A personal injury claim related to a slip and fall accident must be filed within three years of the date of the injury, according to New York Civil Practice Law & Rules § 214. Filing after this time period will likely result in the case being dismissed by the trial court. To avoid this potential issue, an injured party should reach out to their attorney as soon as possible after an accident so that they do not lose out on critical time to investigate and formulate a claim.

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Secure Compensation with a Commack Slip and Fall Attorney

You likely have a lot on your mind after being injured. The bills may be stacking higher and the stress is stacking up with it. Furthermore, you could still be in extreme pain and not have the commitment to handle a legal claim by yourself. Let an experienced Commack slip and fall lawyer get to work for you. Contact us today to see what damages might be available to you.


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